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  1. DCI has a Facebook live feed up. I didn’t watch it however. Just passing along info. Lots of angry reactions.
  2. Jim’s dad walked away after Pride of Cincinnati shut down their drum corps. And this man marched and helped start a few drum corps. He literally never saw another live drum corps show. Jim talked him into going to the movie theater broadcast and he asked his dad what he thought. He wasn’t interested in going again to put it lightly.
  3. I like that one. The doctor said at my annual physical last month that I have eustacian tube dysfunction.
  4. I’m not sad or in pain. In fact, this will allow me to expand myself to many new adventures during the summer. I’ll enjoy this season and then on to new experiences.
  5. I don’t know why anyone would think I would think I’d be missed? I’m pretty self-contained and talk to only a few people when I’m at shows. They’d barely know I’d left! 😂
  6. They should really calm down. It’s not the end of the world or anything. Acceptance is the key and moving on. Enjoy the 2020 season.
  7. I am sure the audience will remain stable or perhaps even increase. I’m not threatening. I’m sincerely truly not interested in watching band. I have nothing against it but it’s not my thing. I also don’t like Star Wars movies. It’s a matter of personal taste. I wish them well and I have already looked into another organization to support financially.
  8. You know what I mean. Cut me some slack, jack. 😂
  9. I was listening to Rush last night in his honor. The dude was one tight drummer. Such a pleasure to listen to him. What a profound loss.
  10. I plan on enjoying the pure brass sound this year.
  11. I think they can amend proposals. But I could be wrong. Just let me be clear: I’m not interested in seeing a flying wedge of clarinets.
  12. You really believe in something when you’re willing to send your children there. I definitely understand that feeling. Jim said this morning that if it passes, it’s time for new adventures in the summer. Probably Yellowstone and the Black Hills next year.
  13. I’d say it 90/10 against woodwinds on those pages.
  14. Did you look at Facebook drum and bugle corps? DCP Facebook? DCI’s Facebook page? I don’t think you’re looking in the right places.
  15. I was in marching band from the time I was 10. I saw my first drum corps show that same year at the Illinois state fair. I went to drum corps when I was 14 because it wasn’t band although I still marched in competitive marching band.
  16. No empty threats. With God as my witness, if woodwinds are legalized for use on the field, I will never attend another drum corps show. If they are restricted to the front ensemble, I will attend shows. Print it.
  17. Still all brass. I’ve suggested it as a marketing tool.
  18. You have to wonder if he expected that would be for public consumption.
  19. ####, she threw Dave Glasgow under the bus, didn’t she?
  20. I think it was only 78. My last year in Guardsmen. If I’m wrong, she could always correct me.