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  1. Some of my favorite musical moments were from Blue Stars this season.
  2. Is anyone staying up until 12:01 ET to read the Cadets announcements? I usually fall asleep before the news is over so I won’t make it. 😝
  3. Now Jim, otoh, is a bigger ######## in real life than he ever was on here. 😂
  4. I think he was joking. I laughed. I’m exactly the same in person as I am on here. Ask @Jurassic Lancer.
  5. It’s free. Pretty easy to sign up, too.
  6. Was it established that this is when championships will be held or it Labor Day weekend? I know it says Labor Day weekend in the email but that is not Labor Day weekend 2020.
  7. That seems fair. Ask Travis Peterman. Hopkinson called him Travis Peterson.
  8. I mean, not everyone can fork out $50 a ticket, or whatever it was, especially if you have a kid marching. Sometimes, you have to make a choice.
  9. They may have been attending prelims only due to cost, too. Lots of people attend Thursday’s prelims only in Indy for that reason alone.
  10. Omg. That would be terrible. Especially with the bad weather that is expected.
  11. I’m not in Williamsport. I’m in Galena for the weekend. 😂
  12. I think it was Mooneyes In 1977 in Denver. He played what is called “Moon’s solo” in McCoy’s Reel.
  13. Luckily, he wasn’t sitting behind me at Zionsville. There are things more important than drum corps, as hard as it may be for some people to believe.
  14. Haha! A couple guys in Kilties gave a couple of our ageouts their spats and they wore them for retreat. That retreat was wild in 78. People running all over the place during the fireworks. Shenanigans!