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  1. I wish him well. I don’t know him but he seems like a really nice guy.
  2. I guess you didn’t take my advice. This place has given me my misogynistic experience in the drum corps. Not everyone, mind you.
  3. I’m not about victimhood. I’m a Camille Paglia feminist. You can always ignore me. And I’ll do likewise.
  4. There were no women in Norwood Park’s hornline in the fall of 1971. I walked in and said I wanted to play French Horn bugle. And I was in the line that day. Sometimes, you have to tell them what YOU want.
  5. I’d love to hear any stories of women applying for drum corps gigs and not getting them because they were given to men. I tried teaching band over forty years ago and quickly found out it wasn’t for me. And they wanted me to do it. I couldn’t stifle my laughter when I told a kid to hold up his horn and he said that he was exhausted from a long day at school. I was done.
  6. Just hire the best people. This never helps women. Usually, the qualified women don’t get the gig or the board position because they’re forced to appoint or hire the wrong one. Women are doing pretty well. I don’t feel oppressed at all.
  7. I’m an actual female and I agree 100%.
  8. I’ll eat Jim’s left size 11 shoe if that happens.
  9. Great! Looking forward to more beautiful music! 🎶
  10. That’s great news! I loved their show last year.
  11. I was there in 1983 for finals. Same size audience.
  12. Any other announcements? I know it’s early.
  13. A friend sent a photo of the audience at finals in Allentown in 1984.
  14. BOCOOK, GILLIGAN-MARTINEZ RETURN FOR 2020, BONFIGLIO NEW DIRECTOR Created on Sunday, 01 Sep 2019 17:05:37 The Cadets are excited to announce the return of several familiar faces from Cadets history and welcome a few new faces for 2020. Jay Bocook, Jeff Sacktig, April Gilligan-Martinez and many more Cadets greats will rejoin The Cadets in a continuing effort to drive the corps towards the future. In addition, Denise Bonfiglio will step into the role of Corps Director bringing decades of experience and knowledge to the corps. "To say we're excited for the 2020 season is an understatement," said Denise. "We've already assembled a great team and we're actively working on the upcoming season. The combined experience and excellence of the group is just outstanding and the future looks bright with what we have in store." Scott Litzenberg, Cadets Corps Director for the 2018 and 2019 seasons, will be taking on a critical, new role for the 2020 season in addition to working with Denise as an advisor for the corps. He will be stepping into a community relations role for YEA! and supporting the directors of all of YEA!’s programs. He will be integral in recruiting new students and ensembles for YEA! programs in addition to managing relationships with current supporters. Part of Scott’s role will also include alumni relations for The Cadets, a group near and dear to his heart. “I am excited to see the progress we are making on the Big Three Goals of providing excellent programs, being financially secure, and being a great place to work and volunteer,” said Doug Rutherford, Chairman of the Board of Directors for YEA! “The Cadets are continuing to build on the foundation of 85 years of history and a dedication to excellence. We are incredibly grateful for the tireless efforts of Scott Litzenberg over the past two seasons. I am glad to know Scott will be with us for the next phase of our journey as we go forward to being The Cadets” Leading the charge with Denise is Ron Lambert, who will be stepping into the role of Assistant Corps Director for The Cadets. Ron served as the Assistant Director for the Boston Crusaders for the last three years and the 2020 season marks his 36th year in the activity. He is entering his 16th year as the Director of Bands and is the Fine Arts Department Chair for Lakewood Ranch High School. A former member of the Illiana Lancers and The Cavaliers, Ron has also served as an instructor and arranger for band programs and drum corps around the country. He is a 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Best and Brightest Teacher Scholarship Award recipient and is a GRAMMY nominee, finishing as a quarterfinalist for the 2017 GRAMMY Educators Award.
  15. I’m struggling here. The melatonin is kicking in. 💤 😴 🛏