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  1. I had no trouble getting the vaccine here. I got to pick the one I wanted and it was only 15 minutes away.
  2. I feel a little foggy today about 18 hours in but besides that, I’m fine. Jim has no side effects but they used to shoot several vaccines at once into him with a vaccine gun when he was an active Marine. So this isn’t going to affect him. Anyway, it’s only one shot and you’re done. Anyway, I think once the young ones get the vaccine if they choose to do so, it will move things along. We need some optimism.
  3. I got the JNJ Janssen today. I read that here in Illinois that they’re vaccinating 16 and up with the Pfizer now. That should help with reopening drum corps. Dr. Fauci said today that there is very little chance that vaccinated people will spread the virus.
  4. I guess you don’t remember him from the ‘80’s and AIDS. My sister is a RNBSN and she despises him for his handling of AIDS.
  5. I’m not anti-vaxxer. I got the flu shot last fall and I got Shingrix a few years ago, which plenty of people are afraid to get because of the side effects. Raise your hand if you’ve gotten Shingrix. I’m a little iffy about this one. I’d feel better taking the JNJ than either the Pfizer or Moderna.
  6. You know, you’re right. One shred of positive news from a medical professional from Johns Hopkins, and the doomers 💩 all over it.
  7. I call it kabuki theater. We’re down to 2.8% positivity rate and it’s lower every day in Illinois. We have all the variants here and they’re having no impact. It will be a year March 16th since we were locked down in Illinois. The problem with quarantines is that no one knows how to end them.
  8. They’re super polite in Maine. I almost passed out when a motorist stopped and waved us out to let us turn left at an intersection. I mean, they’re all like that. Here, they’d shoot you before they’d let you out.
  9. Illinois has has 1.17 million documented cases of Covid. I’m sure there are people who had mild cases or were asymptomatic who never saw a doctor that would add to the tally. They’ve administered almost 2 million doses of vaccine with 2 million more available to be used. And this state is 47th in vaccinations administered. 13 million people live in Illinois. We have to be making some progress just by the numbers. You’re never going to get everyone to take the vaccine. That’s just not going to happen.
  10. I didn’t buy them this year. They’re freed up for someone else. They were over $700 for two seats in 2019 when I last bought them. I got a refund in the spring of 2020 for last August.
  11. This is probably working out better for us in a perverse way. Houses here are selling in a day and at or above asking price.
  12. But we are willing to learn. I’m moving soon. Hellinois will be someone else’s problem.
  13. After I said that, this morning he got an email from Hines VA saying that he could make an appointment for the Pfizer vaccine.
  14. My state is ranked 47th in vaccine dispersement. My 68 year old husband hasn’t even heard from the VA or the medical group he’s in as to when he’ll get offered a vaccine. I’m sure I’m way down the list. Abysmal. Illinois is a big joke and everyone is laughing.
  15. I remember the parade in NYC the night before American Legion championships in 1976, they were throwing stuff at us so the police were lined up along side us. Weird. That whole weekend could spur an hour of conversation. None of it good.
  16. No one ever tried that with me, but had they, they would have had a French horn wrapped around their head.
  17. That’s disgusting. She sexually assaulted you and people were probably laughing It off. And with the mindset as it is, probably treating it differently because you were a young man. I’ve read about young men being sexually assaulted by their woman teachers and people saying such vile things as “what is he complaining about?” Men or women being assaulted is no different and should be treated the same.
  18. For real. The dead can’t hurt you. It’s the living you better worry about. I know. I worked at a funeral home for 11 years.
  19. The ratio was really bad. If it were just a handful supporting a creeper...but it outnumbered the outraged.
  20. That’s what I meant. I call it the Ro. I hope the Mrs. feels better soon. 🙏
  21. Did you test positive for the Ro? I hope you’re feeling well.
  22. I have to agree with Vanessa Connell’s husband. I wouldn’t let my child be in drum corps either. Toxic.