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  1. With 36 million people unemployed, many small businesses shuttered forever, if anyone thinks a switch is going to be flipped “on” and everything is going to be exactly the same...well, you need to pull your head out from up there.
  2. I figured they’d crap on you for this, but it’s true. Some have misinterpreted your phrase “pageantry leeches”. Not me. I know exactly in which you are referring.
  3. Your plan is as good as any other plan I’ve seen. DCI and DCA have just dropped off the planet as far as any thoughts for reopening.
  4. Let’s just put it this way. The dentist got the wisdom tooth halfway out and he had his receptionist drive me to an oral surgeon. He got that one out and I made an appointment for the other one. He had to cut it into 23 pieces to get it out. 😳
  5. I have a terrible story about having a wisdom tooth removed but I’ll save that until we’re really bored.
  6. Endodontists are great. Easiest root canal I ever had.
  7. Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin, Illinois. DCM championship was in Toledo one year.
  8. He sent a CD to me in the 90’s of Star with the brass group whose name escapes me right now. Nice man. Salt of the earth. No pretension from him.
  9. I went to the grocery store today for three items. While I was cleaning my friend’s house yesterday, I let Jim ordered the groceries. He bought wings for Saturday movie night but no chunky blue cheese dressing. So....I brought some disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer and my vogmask and off I went. It was 6:45am and there were probably three customers in the store. There are arrows on the floor for one-way aisles and six-foot markers at the checkouts. I thanked everyone working at the store (from a safe distance) and I was on my way. Be nice to them.
  10. I thought LOS was gonna crumble on finals night.
  11. Jim was in Japan in the 80’s in the Marine Corps and he said taxi drivers and bank tellers always wore white gloves. And he saw a lot of masks. He said if someone had a cold, they’d wear a mask. He said they are extremely polite people. He loves Japan.
  12. I just had my groceries delivered. I’ve been doing that for about a month now. I did go clean an elderly friend’s house this morning after she called yesterday and said it killed her back to vacuum. We social distanced.
  13. I’m healthy. My BMI is under 25. I exercise daily. I do take blood pressure medication.
  14. What about this? https://www.espn.com/espn/story/_/id/29018209/poll-fans-attend-games-vaccine
  15. What about the antibody test that’s being developed?