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  1. He should stop that. Poppycock must be drunk.
  2. It made finals. We got way bigger after Fox valley folded.
  3. Campbell was there the entire time I was there. Ramelli was the brass arranger in 76 and 77. Tim came there in 78. Guard staff was pretty solid. We had very strong winters in 76 and 77. 78 winter was not good.
  4. I’m laughing because that’s the only GOT quote I know.
  5. That bothers me, too but someone told me 17 years ago that “loyalty has legs”. It’s always kind of been that way. I was in Guardsmen three seasons and we had three different drill writers.
  6. Along with the I-290 Hillside strangler. https://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Hillside Strangler
  7. Some of my favorite musical moments were from Blue Stars this season.
  8. Is anyone staying up until 12:01 ET to read the Cadets announcements? I usually fall asleep before the news is over so I won’t make it. 😝
  9. Now Jim, otoh, is a bigger ######## in real life than he ever was on here. 😂
  10. I think he was joking. I laughed. I’m exactly the same in person as I am on here. Ask @Jurassic Lancer.
  11. It’s free. Pretty easy to sign up, too.
  12. Was it established that this is when championships will be held or it Labor Day weekend? I know it says Labor Day weekend in the email but that is not Labor Day weekend 2020.