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  1. Except for the Mexican music they’re playing. I don’t mind. I’m learning some new songs. 😂
  2. Current situation. They’re putting new siding on my residence. The HOA makes these decisions, not me. Last year, they put on a new roof but I was able to leave. I’m trapped and they’re pounding away for eight hours a day. At least, they took lunch. 😳
  3. In 74, Kilties rehearsed at the condemned Manning Bowl. I always laugh when I think of that. 😂
  4. When this is over, the dentists are going to be SO busy. You’re going to be pure gold. 🤗
  5. I bought one for Jim a few years ago and he’s sitting in it right now. it seems as if you’re looking to be contentious with me. I have no idea why.
  6. I buy the Kirkland ones at Costco. I bought them before Covid 19.
  7. Jim emerged from the office. He said he did lose a bit of his sense of taste and smell. He said he didn’t feel well for close to two weeks but not terrible. I didn’t have any symptoms. We did fly but we didn’t sit by anyone else because Jim’s employer has a program where you pay for coach but you get first class. We didn’t know. I thought he had a cold. I hope he didn’t infect anyone.
  8. Jim had something when we were in Florida. It was 2/17 or 18 when he started to not feel too great. He took mucinex. I don’t know if he lost his sense of taste or smell. I didn’t catch it from him.
  9. Glad you’re both negative. Now you have to deal with bureaucratic BS.
  10. Sooo I see this in my newsfeed today. https://www.usnews.com/news/business/articles/2020-03-29/instacart-workers-seek-strike-as-jobs-get-busier-riskier I read an article a few days ago that saline spray may be good to use to avoid the virus. Today, I read this. https://www.news4jax.com/health/2020/03/25/allergy-experts-questioning-nasal-sprays-due-to-coronavirus-concerns I don’t know what to think anymore. Have a nice day.
  11. We went for a drive today to Geneva, Illinois. A charming little town, full of locally owned businesses. Restaurants, shops....ordinarily, the streets would have been packed and no street parking to be found. Ghost town today. I am very worried for these businesses. Support your local businesses when this is over.