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  1. I was getting bored being on lockdown but then Netflix introduced me to Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. 🐅
  2. I’m only going to try it for the championship tickets. Ticketmaster issues refunds for the Detroit and St. Louis shows. Cavaliers can keep the refund for Lisle.
  3. Holiday Inn express Indianapolis cancelled and they’re returning the deposit in seven to ten days. Cancelled hotel reservations in Detroit and St. Louis yesterday afternoon.
  4. Sooo many people leveraged their homes back then. Sie Lurye sold his flat lots to Keep RA going.
  5. I ordered those, too. I expect we’ll get an email soon.
  6. I got an email from Ticketmaster that I’d be refunded for the show at Ford Field in Detroit.
  7. When I think of Mr. Potter, I think of him putting George Bailey in that short chair. 😂
  8. We’ll miss seeing you, too. We’ll be there in 2021...unless this bug gets me and then I’m going to will my ticket to one of you. And you can sit by Jim and Jimmy Wagner for three days. It gets salty. 🧂 Luckily, no one sits in front of us and Tony D is used to it. 😂
  9. I’d be doing some serious belt-tightening at all levels if it were me.
  10. 13 days here. I went off on Jim yesterday about something. I can’t remember what,
  11. I’ll roll my Indy tickets over to 2021 if it’s allowed.
  12. I wonder if DCI will allow us to roll Indy tickets over to 2021? I’ll do that.
  13. That would be cool. Have someone bring a video set up and it will soften the blow.
  14. I paid a $250 deposit on the one in Indy. Let’s see where that goes.
  15. I think I will be cancelling hotel reservations this afternoon.