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  1. After missing an important call five years ago, I always check no matter what the hour.
  2. They should occasionally step out of their “pageantry” bubble and actually connect with the real world.
  3. Ticketmaster automatically issues refunds starting in 30 days.
  4. If you’re working from home, have your WiFi locked down. We have always had it protected because Jim works from home but I have seen cars phishing in my neighborhood. I laughed at Jim in January when two Vogmasks were delivered to our house. He bought them right after the first case was diagnosed in Washington state. I’m not laughing so much now. 😳
  5. No refund for the Lisle show but I was going to donate it anyway. Got the email today.
  6. That Pittsfield, Mass place doesn’t sound so great. I forgot about this but when we got to the Division II/III prelim site in Westminster, Maryland in 2000, the grass was about a foot high. Big Al, longtime volunteer for DCI, had to hop on a riding mower and mow that cow pasture. There were grass clippings everywhere. Fun times in Div. II/III.
  7. I’m glad you mentioned the track at the state fair. In 72, they had prelims in a horse barn. That was even worse.
  8. Except for the Mexican music they’re playing. I don’t mind. I’m learning some new songs. 😂
  9. Current situation. They’re putting new siding on my residence. The HOA makes these decisions, not me. Last year, they put on a new roof but I was able to leave. I’m trapped and they’re pounding away for eight hours a day. At least, they took lunch. 😳
  10. In 74, Kilties rehearsed at the condemned Manning Bowl. I always laugh when I think of that. 😂
  11. When this is over, the dentists are going to be SO busy. You’re going to be pure gold. 🤗
  12. I bought one for Jim a few years ago and he’s sitting in it right now. it seems as if you’re looking to be contentious with me. I have no idea why.