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  1. I’ve been told that DCI doesn’t care if they lose the legacy fans.
  2. I know Garfield said they aren’t but I can’t help but wonder if they’re letting Kathy be bad cop on this woodwinds proposal.
  3. I’ve had those thoughts, too. Grease the skids.
  4. We are all those things. Plus parents of fmm.
  5. Ditto. They should let us vote. Like the all-star game or America’s Got Talent.
  6. I can’t believe I marched with the person who proposed woodwinds.
  7. Me, too! If it can’t be the Buckeyes, I hope it’s Joe and LSU.
  8. I made it until 11pm central time. I’m a wuss. Happy New Year! 🎉🎊
  9. They Intentionally cut way back on props. But who cared with that glorious musical show!
  10. Me, too. I was getting nervous at the beginning. Go Bucks!
  11. There were no separate divisions at the first DCI championship. Some corps snubbed Whitewater to go elsewhere. Then they established class A and all-girl. All girl went away because there weren’t enough corps and sometime later, DIV 2/3 was established. I believe we’re going to end up right where we started. One division. Probably about 15 drum corps in total. There has been this “supercorps” talk decades ago @Jeff Ream can back me on this but he’s probably napping after getting his bionic wrist yesterday.
  12. Nothing new here. The open class formerly Div 2/3 formerly Class A have always been treated like red headed ######## stepchildren.
  13. Blue Stars marched their a**es off this summer.
  14. That’s how it used to be but we’re not supposed to say that.
  15. I was trying to figure out how many DCM corps are gone now. Cap Sound and Americanos for starters. Joliet Kingsmen. I loved those little kids. That was noble work the staff was doing there. 💕