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  1. A friend had credentials to get in. Said it was heavily discussed but ultimately failed.
  2. Was told it was a secret vote. I’m assuming DCI will give official numbers when they announce like they did for instructor voting
  3. Thanks all! Just booked a room for the Embassy Suites!
  4. I’m finally going to finals for the first time! I’m looking to book a hotel room ahead. Any recommendations? Thanks!!
  5. This is it. The last show! Regardless of how tonight plays out in placements, it has been a phenomenal season from open class to world class!!
  6. I noticed specifically after the trumpet ensembles feature it was a little shaky for a few counts.
  7. BAC guard is ******* good. I’m amazed. The rifles were always in perfect unison and the flags were impeccable. Wow.
  8. This is one of my favorite shows of the season. Great job, Pacific Crest!
  9. I noticed the brass run after the “tap dance” section was very muddy. I’m not a bit worried about where Bloo stands. Nevertheless, if they don’t place where I want them, they still have my favorite show of the season.
  10. So, I just recently bought a Flo subscription and am wanting to try it on Roku for this Saturday. Is there a certain generation of Roku that has to be used or will it work on any of them?
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