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    I year in a now defunct local corp. lifelong fan
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    Blue Devils, PR, The Academy, Crown,
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    '89 PR New World Symphony
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  1. My take from a pure enjoyment standpoint... 1 Bluecoats (cannot get this show out of my head!) 2 Devils 3 This one might surprise you...Phantom 4 Colts 5 Crossmen 6 Cavies 7 Crown (although that brass!) 8 Bluestars 9 Spirit of Atlanta 10 Boston 11 The Academy (well...at least their version of troubled water) 12 BK I know, I know SCV is not in the list. I cannot deny they were good this year because they were but from a pure enjoyment standpoint I just never clicked with them this year.
  2. And then back up for the blow out rock concert at the end...amazing!
  3. Tubas on petal tones and the rest of the corps with flaming tongues! My favorite moment of the year!!
  4. I’d have to say Star ‘91 at finals. Saw it early in the year but without the cross to cross ending.
  5. This may have been discussed already but here goes... there was a list once upon a time but any guesses on how many (and which ones) Beatles songs are actually played in this show. I know it is way more than what is listed in the official repertoire.
  6. I was serving in the concession stand at a high school football game a couple years ago. Now keep in mind the stadium is literally across the highway from the entrance to the Air Force Base located in our town. One might think locals would have some idea of proper anthem etiquette. Nope! Most of us working the stand were either currently military or retired military. When the anthem plays the concessions typically stop. I stopped serving and the fella waiting to order blew up on me but I didn’t acknowledge him until the song ended. Really he made a fool out of himself. I was rather surprised, kinda proud actually, when the guy in line with him blew up on him after the anthem finished and told him how stupid he looked. He was still pointing and mouthing him all the way back to to their seats in the stands. We laughed about his lecture the rest of the night.
  7. I’m kinda late to the game tonight but is anyone else not getting audio on the Flo replays?
  8. BAC...Off with the head Bloo...let’s Tilt our way into Hey Jude BD...here, hold my beer! Man this is a fun year!!!
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