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  1. Ooh, I wanna join! Indy Indy Indy Indy sort of kidding, but for the sake of the thread: Atlanta Dallas New Orleans Detroit as you can see, I’m a fan of the indoor venue, sue me 😉
  2. How about one called “Assemble” and it’s all Avengers/MCU music?
  3. I’ve always thought a David Bowie themed show would be neat. Call it, “Starman” with the culminating moment being the corps coming together and making the Ziggy Stardust lightning bolt symbol on the 50 marching in half time while blasting Starman. Not that I’ve thought this out or anything. RIP David Bowie.
  4. Wonderful run by the boys tonight. Couldn’t have ended on a better note. I sat next to two Cavaliers fans in which one was a wearing Frameworks shirt and the other was wearing a 2001 shirt. I kindly thanked the heavens that I was lucky enough to sit next to two drum corps veterans. Anyways, I may have been the only one that noticed that one of the barrel props was left on side 1 inside the 10 yard line for the entire show. It made me so nervous when I noticed it, because I knew someone made a small mistake and I was afraid that it was going to get left on accident. Thankfully, a staff me
  5. So, apparently... Ringo Starr contacted the Bluecoats and said he loved the show. If this is true, that is absolutely amazing.
  6. Haha, this might not age well. But I am loving the class from everyone right now. Splooie!
  7. The calm before the storm... 🙂 In all seriousness, I hope all corps tonight kill it and that it’s left all out on the field. All of those long hours of work all pay off tonight. This is it! Game 7! May the best corps win!
  8. Well said! May the best corps win!! I just hope and pray both corps have a killer run through that leaves the audience saying, “man that’s going to be hard to beat.” It all comes down to this. Let’s go Bloo and do it up Devils!
  9. I don’t doubt it. I wonder what the DCI rules are on that, I walked down from the park on Thursday to see them at the soccer field and they were there last night too. I don’t usually go to Finals lot so it might be a bit different for Finals. SCV drumline warms up across the street too. Weird stuff
  10. BD brass has warmed up at Carroll Stadium (IUPUI’s soccer field) the past couple seasons and that’s what I’m having a hard time understanding, why BD can warm up farther away than where BAC did last night and not get penalized
  11. Really hoping they can break the 96 threshold tomorrow night. Wouldn’t that be something?? Regardless, it’s been a super fun season for the Green Machine. I can’t wait to see where the train comes to a halt tomorrow night!
  12. Well if that’s actually the case, shouldn’t BD get penalized too? They warm up about a 10 minute walk away from Military Park at IUPUI’s soccer stadium. Not sure how zoning works on that though
  13. Something rather fitting happened tonight. As I was in the Convention Center for warmup lots (warmups were moved there due to rain), the Cavaliers walked in from their buses with a train going in the background. I couldn’t think of a better or more fitting way to send the boys into Finals week. Let’s go!!