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  1. There is no magic required to be a financially healthy and viable nonprofit.
  2. Below is my note posted in yesterday's thread. Need to add Troopers to the list. Cavies, Phantom, BD are the only reasons this isn't a fully jump-the-shark season for me.
  3. Severin Bar at the Omni is open late, close by, and filled with drum corps people.
  4. Quality, visionary leadership is the first step to dealing with all the other issues.
  5. Good point. A lot of people are very sloppy with the language, and it's been going on for centuries. Maybe here on DCP we can improve things just a little by writing more precisely and stopping use of "hate" and "haters" to describe everything we don't particularly care for.
  6. I'll donate. But I think I did this 3-4 years ago for a corps also announcing they were in trouble during tour (truck accident?), and then subsequent reports made me feel like I might have gotten a little scammed. That probably wasn't literally true, but I recall some discussion at least about the fuzziness of the request. I donated to Pioneer, too. And I think it is arguable about planning. Things change from the date of projections, of course. All forecasts are wrong. But for this tour, organizations ought to have set out only with very healthy reserves on hand. Maybe JS had reserves. I don't know. So I am not at all attacking JS management, since I know no details. I'm just making a general point: There has been enough uncertainty for enough months that good boards had all they needed to understand risks. All kinds of businesses and nonprofits are dealing with great uncertainty and much of the same economic conditions.
  7. I agree. Different leadership might have had a different vision of how to move on. But if they stay sustainable, it’s great for them and drum corps.
  8. Bumping the Cavies. Sad to see the corps having COVID issues preventing them from competing. Still lots of time left.
  9. Just my usual objection to overuse (and casual use) of the word hate. I don't see much genuine hate on here at all.
  10. Summer after high school graduation in 1970s I worked trumpets for three Indiana high school bands. Attended three band camps in late July and early August. (If anyone is interested: Winchester, Anderson, and Edgewood high schools.) I remember it being so super cool for me to be on the other side of the marching band, teaching and drilling students when I was just recently taught and drilled. There was definitely a sense of power. Again, I felt cool, part of the staff, eating with the staff, doing staff meetings. Then getting in front of students and feeling a bit of a big shot at 18 years old. Don't believe I was a jerk at all. I wanted to impress that I could genuinely help the trumpet section. But I get how some young (and old) staff members must feel after putting in good time and effort as MMs themselves. There's a power trip involved. And that can lead to excess and really sh**y behavior. As a BTW, Anderson did great at fall competitions, and while I was a freshman at IU, I received a bonus check from the band director. Maybe $25 or $50. That was a HUGE amount of expected cash flow back then.
  11. There was a time when I would quickly call this overreacting. Sad to realize now that @Poppycock isn't. Was just at a large Kroger in Bloomington and wore a mask. Several others + many of the employees had masks on. (As a BTW, this huge Kroger near campus is referred to as KroGucci by IU students.)
  12. It’s been a pretty good season so far on DCP in terms of few bullies making things personal. It makes any aggressive Facebook-like posters standout. Thanks to everyone for being sane and mature. And of all people to get personal with, Terri? Really?
  13. Not sure I believe this. How could it be a favorite without Statue of Liberty and Mt. Rushmore props?
  14. Considering wearing a mask at LOS in August. These days, it feels like more people are tolerant of mask choices either way. I like that.
  15. Muncie was so messy crowded in the middle I left my aisle seat and moved to an open area on the 20. Still good view of shows and less of a mess. crowds are tough for me. DCI crowds especially so. Many nice folks; many rude, jerkish folks.
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