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  1. I hope they keep all those simple bold colors.
  2. That will be a great show to see in August.
  3. I think it’s nice. The sound is distracting and diminishing the whole show for me.
  4. Can anyone comment on whether there is a good crowd there tonight?
  5. 20 pages and no show yet. Think folks are excited?
  6. It was a PizzaX manager who told me they don't care what it tastes like, Just get crap on the crust and get it out the door. I was annoyed by all the burger comments a while back. Now I am doing the same thing with pizza.
  7. I agree and like how you said this. There is much in DCI that I don't understand as well as others understand, especially all the music selections and nuances. That doesn't prevent me from just enjoying entertaining shows. Maybe my comment about inaccessibility was more accurately saying I'm usually just annoyed by the hype and - what to me seems like needless - posturing around a lot of the themes. Just play and march (or run and dance) and thrill me.
  8. Sometimes, yes. You're making a good point to think about, but inaccessibility isn't a requirement for good art.
  9. It's still here. I mostly agree with @jjeffeory, however. The pizza selection isn't as wonderful as you might think. But it might make sense from the perspective of marketing to college kids: The emphasis is on cheap and speed more than quality.
  10. I lived in Japan for several years. There (and then) people brought all kinds of food to theaters for movies. Worst was udon and ramen noodles. So much slurping!
  11. Too bad I won't be there. I've met a few DCPers at shows and it's always satisfying. Tell folks you bought the tickets and keep that space wide open or your feet.
  12. I won't make the show tonight. Seats are open, section 106, row 19, seats 1 and 2.
  13. Cavies will struggle to reach 11th starting with that score. 😀
  14. Watching The Academy on rebroadcast. Shows keep incorporating those singles or pairs acting stuff out on the field. It does nothing for me. Except maybe distract. But since this thing keeps appearing, I guess others must like it and it has impact on scores?
  15. Mandarins are getting a lot of love after the first two nights.
  16. I liked moments in SCV's show. Really need to see it (and see it complete) a few times. Everything now and this next week is just first impressions. Mandarins get my vote for #1 last night (even though I know the scores already).
  17. Good point. I think I'd rather see the guard in white and the corps in the purple. You know, because purple is one of those classic Vanguard colors.😀
  18. Nice show. Very anxious to see it in person. For me, the vocals can be tossed.
  19. Watching the re-broadcast. It will take a lot for me to stop wishing the Mandarins' vocal time had been devoted to some horn solos. Couldn't get into The Academy show. I'm doing spreadsheet work, too. That's probably it. (But Mandarins pulled me away for their whole show.) I think SCV is lining up. Or it's a Tide commercial
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