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  1. Thanks for that info. It still seems like something DCI can control and better frame. And then how is Ford Field in Detroit is worthy of Fathom and theater and the Rose Bowl isn't? Maybe there are more technicalities I don't understand. I'm still asserting that this is silly thinking from DCI.
  2. All this sounds familiar. Like from every late June/early July. Patience young (and old) grasshoppers.
  3. Why is this the "tour premier" and not San Diego or Rose Bowl? Isn't it blatantly disingenuous of the West Coast corps to keep the tour premier moniker for a show that happens after three competitive nights in CA?
  4. You cheer them on loyally, not demanding that others think the same way and then getting hurt when they don't. For me, 2019 changed my attitude a bit. I wanted The Cavaliers to medal, but that show was so enjoyable – so powerful, too – it made me realize I'll gladly take something that actually moves me over a particular placing.
  5. I'm clueless about the scores. But the order seems right. Maybe kind of interesting to me to see where Blue Stars, Phantom, and Boston end up relative to each other. I'd say Bluecoats and Cavaliers definitely. Then Crossmen definitely. Mapped the driving route to Detroit! Inside a week now.
  6. Also Billy Joe Armstrong, Green Day.
  7. Good point about the interest given BD took 2021 off. I agree. I don't think the skipped year for BD, SCJ, and Crown means much for those corps' competitiveness. But at this point, we're all just speculating about it. I could be a little or massively wrong.
  8. At 46 pages, this corps-dedicated discussion is by far the most posted. Didn’t that used to be a Cadets thing?
  9. Haven't paid attention to the music or show teasers. When I see them in Detroit, it will be (mostly) all new and surprising. Same for others, too. But Cavies are my favorite year end and out. Others come and go. Plus, Cavies fans and posters are not usually obnoxious. You're a way big promoter, Hook'em, but not arrogant about it. Some others, geeze, if you aren't cheerleading about some show items and their "this is our year" promos, it's like you insulted them.
  10. Good way to express this. I like BAC. Just something about the show choices that does not tug at me the way others do.
  11. It’s just good hearted fandom fun. And like this every pre-season. All corps camps are always wonderful, talent better than before, show great, moving up in the standings for sure. No one really knows until competition starts. And then, none of us knows much in any sort of objective way until San Antonio. The only thing more predictable is that Hook’em will forecast the Cavies taking gold.
  12. I arrive home from a conference mid-evening Friday, which means I can catch this on Flo without hanging around a long time for the PT start. Anyone here on DCP going to be there live?
  13. Except for 2019. That year's crown went to Cavies.
  14. Done all that in a couple of driving trips to that area. Well worth it. Not the flash and glitz of Vegas or NY, etc. But super nice part of the country to see. Maybe there is a Trooper's show nearby, too. Or come back south through Denver and catch a Drums Along the Rockies.
  15. My take on it: anything in the four middle 200 section.
  16. I'm ready to pounce on 1, 3, 4.
  17. I love that you put in scores. Things are moving forward fast!
  18. I don't recall if others have already answered this: Is there good evidence that at these membership price points corps are not filling their ranks?
  19. Indy isn't a destination spot. But for DCI, it works well. I'm biased since it's just an hour drive. Still, I wouldn't want 2-3 days of championships at a place where I must always drive and park to and from the venue.
  20. Based on the lineup, any thoughts on who leads the night? (Or are Bluecoats pretty much the strong favorite?)
  21. Funny. I LOL. But a potentially troublesome way to frame the idea given today’s culture.
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