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  1. Haha. Thanks for being light-hearted about it. If I hear one more passionate defense of masks or of no masks I might scream. Or cry. Sort of to your point, however, I have tried a vodka tonic through a standard medical mask. I got only dripping down my torso.
  2. After shows, Severin Bar at the Omni Severin is usually packed with DCI fans, officials, and corps staff.
  3. Good thoughts. Glad the members are having a good time (and that you're getting to experience them a bit). I think it's possible to have that perspective above and also express some criticisms of shows or performances at the same time. Most of the criticisms on DCP, as I see them, are more personal preferences, anyway.
  4. DCI has an email and FAQ out to Friends of DCI. It's good information. Here are some highlights for LOS: no masks required inside no clear bag policy - but keep the bags of reasonable size no seat spacing, but the number of attendees is smaller than in the past north and west entrances only; east and south entrances closed no going out to the lots everything is cashless And for the events: same order all three nights order to be announced August 7 some special programming each day 2022 Friends and Super 3 tickets sales going online; none of those paper forms to fill out as in previous years (Now that I think about it, wasn't it kind of weird to have DCI messing with paper ticket applications in the late 2010s?)
  5. Interesting order of performances. Tough to schedule a hotdog break (though there is one corps I comfortably skip each year if needed). They'll be intermissions, of course, but I am never anxious to join the crowds for that, even during non-pandemic times.
  6. I think I like the SCV-like look and feel of Spirit. I have to keep reminding myself this is really the equivalent of mid and late June, not August.
  7. Good questions to ask. I suspect DCI is scrambling to stay on top of things and to consider how and when it's best to communicate details. I also suspect no matter how hard they try, all this is going to be unsatisfying to some people. It's a messy, complex situation. I'm prepared for almost anything over the next few weeks. For DCI events and for changes to policies as colleges and universities fill up with students once again.
  8. It was a good show. And yes, it was certainly in league with Cavies.
  9. Interesting word to use. Definitely something missing in recent years.
  10. Seems like good decisions from the Cavies about how to approach this year. Some fun things, lots of Cavalier style, green. Nothing requiring a whole summer to get into shape.
  11. Always a little surprised to see sabres these days. They don't have much visual impact. On me, anyway.
  12. I'm bothered that the building under construction in the background is not centered on the 50 yard line.
  13. @LyleF7, you and others are right. I'm wrong. It's the equivalent of $12.50 per month if you pay for the year at $150. I clicked through things too quickly.
  14. I have no self discipline so I just subscribed to Flo. But at $12.50 per month and cancel any time, it's not as bad as I think it was a few years ago.
  15. You're right. With a couple more weeks to go, I wonder if either LOS or DCI decision makers might do something more restrictive. That said, I'm not sure it will matter much for me if they requiring masking. I'd prefer to not wear a mask, but I don't imagine it diminishes (again, for me) watching the shows.
  16. Indianapolis is in Marion County. https://www.wthr.com/article/news/health/coronavirus/marion-county-public-health-department-recommends-masks-in-indoor-public-places/531-ab788ca0-f307-4f9a-8bf8-1c1c78188b2b
  17. I will see the Cavaliers' 2021 show for first time in Indianapolis. In past seasons, I would have seen it several times before then. I'll miss seeing how show details develop.
  18. I have seat assignments, BTW. Last row in 140. Same seats I've had before.
  19. Glad to see the corps and leadership embracing the coed model. Really young-looking. This glimpse at a show and music makes me curious about what kind of quality will be apparent overall in Indianapolis.
  20. I'm sure this is frustrating for a lot of fans, members, and family. It isn't a bad policy, however. And it seems like an easy one to follow.
  21. FWIW, I am finding none of the usual hotel rooms available for Saturday night. Maybe that's a sign of okay demand for that final night.
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