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  1. She should talk to the young lady from Madison last year. She was also a token who was set up to fail.
  2. Love BD music but they barely move. Brass step count has to be more than half of what the other corps are doing, and they only seem to move quickly when they aren't playing.
  3. If you look at guard, brass and percussion, I just don't see any of those sections in Mandarins being better than Scouts. Mandarins horn line sounded way off today. Like they're getting tired this late in the season.
  4. Not getting all the hype about Mandarins. Both Academy and Scouts are more enjoyable for me.
  5. Everyone takes a turn at 1st - 8th at every TOC show, so BD will go first once each year.
  6. Blue went way over on time. Pit was completely set up for several minutes before they brought the props out. Timing penalties start this weekend.
  7. There are going to be lots of timing penalties starting next week