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  1. 3 minutes ago, Mello Dude said:

    Well, reading this it says "interim board" not a new board is in place.  Sounds fluid and looks like they are looking for help.

    I also notice some corrections about the "bus".  I'm sure some here won't step up and say they were wrong.

    I don't see what is weird at all about it.



    Truth - I just meant the YEA! Board is still interim and they were announced - I guess I was just trying to see full transparency from them right away... 

  2. not to be a debbie about this - but when YEA! had to replace the board they didnt just say 'a new board has been in place' they gave exactly who the new members were... 


    Pioneer saying the new board is in place and yet not giving us any idea who it is doesnt seem right 



    the other thing about it is who wrote all of that up. who is informing us...


    Just find it a little weird ...

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  3. 2 minutes ago, hostrauser said:
    21 minutes ago, luv4corps said:

    I have never stuck my neck out here on DCP but I'm doing it now.  Flame me all you want.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    2 minutes ago, hostrauser said:

    I can't fault you for defending a corps you love, but at some point you have to acknowledge you are being massively outnumbered. There are a lot of people on Facebook right now (not the anonymity of Reddit) putting their names to claims.

    No one is blaming you for not seeing everything that ever happened, but at what point do you set your doubt aside and start believing the victims?

    ^^ THIS RIGHT HERE!!! 


    No one is blaming you but something must be done asap as we have former members/drum majors/ even staff claiming change needs to happen! 


  4. 13 hours ago, WaxDCIFan said:

    tend to agree.  The OP on Reddit is apparently a parent that did not take the time to be involved in their kids lives until after tour.  This Genesis staff issue was vetted with DCI, and communicated to parents and members before tour ever began.  The recent additional communication parents was just that - another attempt by a caring director to communicate openly with the families.  We should be more circumspect about holding anonymous posters in such high regard.  It borders on slander to spin only part of the truth and inflame people.

    I have spent  a good part of the last 4 years volunteering with Genesis, and have taken the time to meet and know the vast majority of the staff.  They greatly value the quality of experience for the youth.  The post on Reddit is full of innuendo and was meant to spin people up.  Too many took the bait.


    Trying to figure out how this is okay in your mind and we shouldnt put the organization out there... 

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  5. 5 minutes ago, Rileydog said:

    I don’t guess I understand why at this juncture a new board and director couldn’t be found in time for Pioneer to tour in 2019. 

    I 100% agree with this!!!


    i don’t understand why at all they would do this in August, so many changes can Be done before the season. 


    If the cadets cAn do it eith one month they can do it now!

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  6. 18 minutes ago, George Dixon said:

    what "issues reported" - reported to who?

    "most won't be returning" - we've surveyed them? What was the count on return vs. leave?

    Its all over the members facebook that wont be returning... 


    "It’s sad to see this happen to an organization that I once loved and cherished so much. Stand up for what you believe in because this organization needs to see serious change. I’ve gotten so much because of this organization. My best friend of 3 years, my boyfriend, my home in Oregon. Please use this is as a wake up call OC. Things need to change. #allmyfriendswerehere"

    -Guard Captain 

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  7. Brad Kerr Green - Resignation Oregon Crusaders


    I have resigned as brass arranger for the Oregon Crusaders. 

    I would like to thank all the members, staff, and designers of the Oregon Crusaders 2015, 2016, 2017, & 2018. Special thanks to Alex Blue V, Tim Snyder, and Lisa Tatum for your work as caption heads for the hornlines, and to Michael Quillen for allowing me the opportunity to arrange for the drum corps. I wish the best for the organization and it's future!”

  8. Looks like Colorguard isn’t the only caption head who will be new at blue knights next summer. 


    Neil Adkison - Resigns as the blue knights visual caption head 


    Being selected to be the visual caption head for the Blue Knights these last 4 seasons has been an absolute honor. I’ve learned to smile and laugh again and gained more confidence as an educator. I’ve made a lot of new friends and met my fiancé here! I’ve worked along side some of the best instructors I’ve ever met and taught the greatest members I could have ever hoped to meet. 

    I’m stepping aside as caption head to focus on our upcoming wedding and to become the best special education teacher I can be (and take a little bit of time to focus on me). This is definitely not a goodbye! Just a good ol see ya later on down the road. Thank you everyone I get to work with, especially this visual team Jon Popham, Matthew David Osborn, Matthew J. Barkley, Eric Homol, Jonathan Halvorson, Ashley Bushwood, Austin de la Rua, Zach Santos, John Joseph, Andrew Desmond, and James Gow. And of course our previous teammates who have had to take a break or have moved on Brittany Graham, Spencer Smith, Kyle Marx, Bill Redd, Katie Sullivan, and everyone else who’s helped. A special thank you to Mark Arnold, Ricky Grasso, and Ethan Goddard for your endless work for the corps. You are absolutely inspiring and have helped me become a better human. Thank you all!!!”


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  9. 3 minutes ago, oldbandguy said:

    Crossmen have, in my opinion, the best young arranger in DCI.  The only arranger I know of that does BOTH brass and percussion.  Their music books the past few years have been among my favorites. 

    I also think, speaking of young arrangers, that Phantom's Will Pitts is getting to be very good.


    I think David Glyce for the BD also does full scoring! 


    I think....