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  1. This should be super interesting.... This story has been in developing mode for a while now.... **Insert Suspense Music HERE**
  2. I heard they might be in trouble with local news....
  3. I was just wondering. I was hearing something about reporters trying to go in rehearsal...
  4. A lot of people have been talking about why they closed rehearsal... anyone know if its because of the media?
  5. If you think those organizations will “investigate” mannnnn you really have high expectations for some of these drum corps. Ad I’ve seen them in person “shrugg” off a complaint and make their members feel like crap for even trying to report it. BOTH of those drum corps!
  6. I heard some staff firing this week... some admin and visual? Anyone can confirm?
  8. Check this out.....,amp.html
  9. check this link out!!
  10. Thoughts..? This reporter seems to be on going following the case...
  11. If we can just get a good visual staff, this year might work out for Pio....
  12. @Cadevilina Crown Jim Wunderlich has taken a step back from the blue devils and will be in a less role as Brian Dinkel Steps up to arrange and lead the caption as Jack is the 'Assistant' BDFE Caption head
  13. Boston Staff looks like Kendall Stevenson got added to the design team, via their website. Michael Zeller, too? They are keeping their website some what updated. Design Team Keith Potter – Artistic Director Leon May – Drill Designer Michael Townsend – Lead Designer & Choreographer; Guard Director Brady Sanders – Designer & Choreographer Ryan George – Composer & Arranger Colin McNutt – Director of Percussion Iain Moyer – Front Ensemble Arranger Michael Zellers – Electronics Designer Kendall Stevenson – Design Team Liaison
  14. I mean theres this and this Im sure hes a great guy and does his job. People make mistakes and can move on from them ! .....
  15. How about 2 ;) Its funny that boston continues to find old cadets to come thru to the team, GH keeps loosing folks
  16. Madison Scouts Perc Staff Guard Staff
  17. Cadet Brass Staff announced Drew Shanefield: Arranger/Caption SupervisorScott-Lee Atchison: Caption HeadBranden Hill: Assistant Caption HeadDr. Aaron Witek: Instructor, Pedagogy CoordinatorMark Whitlock: Brass AdvisorAaron Vogel: InstructorDan Berard: InstructorScott Whitford: InstructorDerrell Wallace: InstructorDiaShamar Marshall: InstructorAidan Ritchie: InstructorJoseph Guimaraes: Instructor
  18. Looks like Kendall Stevenson taking a bigger role in 2018... "Kendall joined The Boston Crusaders Drum and Bugle Corps as the Drum Major Technician and served as a part of their leadership development program as well. Kendall is excited to return to The Boston Crusaders in 2018 with the additional responsibly of working with the design team as the Production Manager."