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  1. Sean Phelan - Resignation as brass caption head! 


    This morning, I tendered my resignation from the brass staff of the Madison Scouts drum and bugle corps. For twelve years, my association with this organization has been among the most formative, rewarding, and definitive experiences of my entire life. As a member and then as an instructor, I've had the privilege of working with some of the best people in the world. They have made me into who I am and continue to challenge and inspire me to do even better.

    I will forever cherish the trust placed in me by my mentors, students, and colleagues this past year and through the whole span of my time teaching. I see in the members and the culture of self-improvement and cooperation that they embrace so much that the world so desperately needs these days. The Madison Scouts have some great times ahead of them, and I'll enjoy continuing to be their biggest fan.” 


    A great member when he marched and staff member since aging out! 



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  2. 22 minutes ago, BlueStainGlass said:

    From his Facebook


    I don’t typically do these long posts, but it seems appropriate given the circumstances. Six years ago I made an extremely tough decision to leave my “home team” and take on a new role with an organization I knew almost nothing about. It was new, scary, exciting, educational, and always interesting. The Blue Stars organization became a new home for me that I could never have expected. As of today I have resigned from my position as Battery Caption Head & Arranger. I had a wonderful experience with this organization, but it is time for me to step down and see what happens.  

    To the Administration/Volunteers/Alumni: Throughout our ups and downs, I can honestly say this is one of the most ethically minded and professional group of people I have ever worked with.  You supported myself and the staff as much as possible, and always tried to have the priority on the experience for the kids.  The members who go through this organization are better people thanks to your leadership and examples.  

    I wish nothing but the best for the Blue Stars organization, and especially Stars Percussion - the past 6 seasons hold a special place in my heart, and I can’t thank everyone enough for all the support, encouragement, and positivity.

    The blue stars website has also removed their entire staff page from the website ... weird... 

  3. 16 hours ago, Slingerland said:

    And your reading comprehension skills suck. I noted that the YEA Board and organization was NOT the norm - if someone has an issue at Cavaliers, or Blue Devils, or Boston - any of the majors - you can bet your ### that those organizations will investigate and, if necessary, either bring changes or charges to the situation. Whatever happened at YEA and their culture doesn't  reflect how everyone else's organizations treat member safety. 

    If you think those organizations will “investigate” mannnnn you really have high expectations for some of these drum corps. 


    Ad I’ve seen them in person “shrugg” off a complaint and make their members feel like crap for even trying to report it. BOTH of those drum corps! 

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  4. Boston Staff looks like Kendall Stevenson got added to the design team, via their website. 

    Michael Zeller, too? 

    They are keeping their website some what updated.

    Design Team

    • Keith Potter – Artistic Director
    • Leon May – Drill Designer
    • Michael Townsend – Lead Designer & Choreographer; Guard Director
    • Brady Sanders – Designer & Choreographer
    • Ryan George – Composer & Arranger
    • Colin McNutt – Director of Percussion
    • Iain Moyer – Front Ensemble Arranger
    • Michael Zellers – Electronics Designer
    • Kendall Stevenson – Design Team Liaison 
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  5. Cadet Brass Staff announced 


    Drew Shanefield: Arranger/Caption Supervisor
    Scott-Lee Atchison: Caption Head
    Branden Hill: Assistant Caption Head
    Dr. Aaron Witek: Instructor, Pedagogy Coordinator
    Mark Whitlock: Brass Advisor
    Aaron Vogel: Instructor
    Dan Berard: Instructor
    Scott Whitford: Instructor
    Derrell Wallace: Instructor
    DiaShamar Marshall: Instructor
    Aidan Ritchie: Instructor
    Joseph Guimaraes: Instructor

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