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  1. Piobeer The Cadots Phantox Regiment Carolina Drown. (Or Frown. Or Brown.) Fluecoats (Or Flue Stars, Flue Devils, Flue Knights) Madisox Scouts The Coltz (I guess you could do that with just about any corps ending with an S in an awful attempt to make them "cool" and more marketable...Like the Cavalierz or Trooperz ; )
  2. 1. Down Side Up. Busted out of the 2-D box in wild style and brought a whole new audio menagerie to the game. I mean, can this show NOT get your adrenaline going?? 2. Angels & Demons. Simple idea, executed to perfection. I'm sad that with the current direction of the activity I may never be saying that about a championship show ever again. 3. Ghostlight. A moody, multi-faceted circus of musical and visual delight. 4. Felliniesque. Hard to find any faults with this one. Lord knows the judges barely could. 5. E = MC2 One of the most dramatic opening statements I've ever heard. The Phillip Glass vocals added the perfect texture over the gravitas of Thus Spoke Z.
  3. Way back in the mid 90's, our high school marching band tried that. It went about as well as you would imagine. I'm not saying a corps couldn't pull one off today, but there's a lot of better music out there, IMHO.
  4. I'm not so much bored with Avant Garde shows as I am frustrated with designers thinking their notions (whether that's an abstract theme, a more concrete one, a fairly straightforward story, or my personal pet peeve, something that looks vaguely like a story of some kind) communicate far more clearly on the field than they actually do. Too often it feels like I'm watching a straight up contest of drum corps concept designers and how the judges happen to feel about their concepts rather than a competition of marching musicians and their performance qualities.
  5. It's tough, and I do love them both, but I'd vote for Devils over 'Coats. Repeated viewing makes it seem to me like there's just much more depth and nuance in BD's show. I discover something wildly new and fascinating each time. Less of that for me with the Bluecoats this year. That being said, I haven't seen either live - if I had, it could well be I'd feel differently.
  6. Like several have already said, Phantom 2008. ALMOST hopped in a car with another DCP'er to trek to Bloomington the night before Finals...But silly me, letting "work" get in the way. Live and learn. Oh, and SCV 2000. The ballad if nothing else! Although everything else would be pretty darn nice, too.
  7. SCV 2009. You had never met a bigger "If I hear ANOTHER marching group of any kind play 'Appalachian Spring' ONE MORE DANG TIME, I am going to scream!!" hater than myself. But SCV won me over totally and completely. I feel like that show helped me understand (i.e. "get") the source material in an entirely different way. The last two minutes still gives me chills.
  8. This right here. I feel like corps have literally run out of possible body motions available to them from the waist down while holding horns to their mouths. This isn't a request to turn back the clock; I get the aesthetic has changed from the days when horn lines did nothing but march, but if it doesn't complement the music or otherwise add something to communicate your theme, emotional state, story, or concept to the audience, why do it?
  9. I'm not going to pretend this is a particularly new insight (or new occurrence,) but after finally seeing their show on video...geez...BD is bringing a nuke to a knife fight once again. Regardless of where they end up score wise once they're head-to-head with everyone, the performance level they're at already is just unreal. From the design side too, I haven't always loved their shows as much as the judges have the past 10ish years or so, but this one...this one I love!!
  10. Love this year's show, super excited to see how it develops. Really, really wish they would just take a penalty and end with blasting Hey Jude for eight minutes straight!
  11. Oh, have a heart! 😋 (Completely agree. As far as I'm concerned, we should just top off the past five years or so by making every corps wear a white t-shirt, jeans, and a pseudo-Roman helmet and call it a day.)