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  1. So I'm a hornline member. And I've noticed most of the time the snares never use matched. Except when Santa Clara occasionally uses it. Does it stem from pure tradition?
  2. Tonights Football first show run through for the crowd yeye

  3. HappyMello823

    Music Programs 2017

    That was an interpretation on both cases im talking about an arrangement that is the original piece by stravinsky for drum corps. And besides it wasnt classical for BD it was a mix of jazz classical and ballet styles instead of the original work. And with Academy its as opposite to Rite of Spring as possible as its happy not dramatic and dark
  4. With the emergence of music based programs versus themed programs (ex. The Cadets 2013) we should start a forum with ideas that would be good music programs. My submission is The Rite of Spring both movements. Also post which corps you think would be best for the music I think crown would make a lit program based on Rite of Spring.
  5. Making SC Marching State Finals

  6. Since alot of corps do music programs versus theme programs (Ex. The Cadets 2013)We dont have forum like this i dont think so why not make one. My submission is The Rite of Spring. And no the Blue Devils 2013 was an intrpretation of Stravinskys original with different styles like jazz implemented to the iconic rhthyms. Im talking about the original arragement but for brass band specifically. Comment back on what you think should be done
  7. HappyMello823

    Innovations the Cadets should use

    So I was talking to my band director who was with the Cadets in the 80s during their threepeat championship and i was talking to him about there music choices he said that they usually pick their music before their program. So while not an innovation that is a good idea that would make them better. Granted this is probably the way its gonna be with George. It will get you brass awards and percussion awards but it is harder to get medals. Also they should bring back Marc Sylvester. He would instrumental with their success as he was there for all of there iconic early 2000s shows like The Zone Celebration and MIllenium Celebration.
  8. To me ever since 2016 the innovation of the Cadets has been slighlty lack luster do i think they have been working hard yes. But the innovation that has been getting them championships is not currently present. So why not present ideas that could be used. Now this isnt a Cadets roast session, so please feel free to submit ideas, because who knows maybe George is watching.
  9. I think that cymbal lines are dying because its more simple to just make a pit person play it. and people that didnt see classic cymbal lines assume that all they do are crashes when no thats not the case. And most high schools after having a full drumline most percussionists are sent to the pit so anyone who wants to march cymbals doesnt get training. The only big way to do cymbals is WGI. But i appreciate that as a brass player because cymbals are easier than learning snare or bassdrum should i want to do WGI. I think GE wise they arent worth much unless you use them in choreography alot but flip ups and flip downs dont really help many things its just a good thing to use as a filler. Like in some SCV i think i saw them lift a guard up on cymbals(Les Miserables?) and that i think is absolutly a GE booster. And when SOA did that character reveal for the blond guard member in Speakeasy. Otherwise cymbals dont really boost your GE cuz no one uses them
  10. HappyMello823

    Crossmen 2017

    While i can't really predict next years program to me it seems like theyve gotten back on their feet and capitalized on the brass percussion and guard. It seems to me that they will be taking the directions that the Bluecoats took with the more futuristic themes and taking more of an advantage with electronics.I hope that they go this direction because its going to grant them success that they havent had in over 20 years(the 80s called).
  11. HappyMello823

    Carolina Crown 2017

    otherwise keep on with what theyre doing
  12. HappyMello823

    Carolina Crown 2017

    I really would like to see a whole french horn line like what the cadets did in 2015
  13. HappyMello823

    Emergence of the Front Ensemble

    Front Ensembles started emerging around 1982 when the Garfield Cadets used one of the first grounded front ensembles and my BD was part of that front ensemble
  14. If the design team from last year stays this year will be just as good i hope they use the traditional uniforms this year and i think they will just keep on with what theyve been doing because it seems with all that they have been doing recently they are looking twards the future not the past. They will do a few things to commemorate the anniversary but will they make a whole show about it probably not.
  15. HappyMello823

    Blue Devils 2017 60th Anniversary!

    With the way things have been going i think that they will do a new program obviously but with a mashup of old corps songs and songs from legendary shows like use the closer from Felliniesque and use Legend of the One Eyed Sailor and Channel One Suite