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  1. Troopers are now offering free video auditions and free audition materials until the coronavirus chills out. Check it out at Awesome opportunity for kids that can't get to camps this month.
  2. Troopers just released this on their facebook page! A few days ago, a different photo was leaked that led to a lot of speculation and mystery. But, it sure seems like the Mystery corps is in fact the Troopers. Here is the other photo that was on Reddit....
  3. OMG!!!!!!!! Just posted on Troopers Facebook page!
  4. I am really hoping this is connected.... Troopers just posted this....
  5. There is another thread I just posted about called Mystery Drum Corps uniform. I saw this posted on Reddit. Some think it's the Cadets, however, some on DCP are speculating that this is the 2020 Troopers. It's nowhere on the Troopers website or social media however. Thoughts? .
  6. See... that is what I originally thought. The Cadets! But now, I'm thinking Daave is on to it.
  7. Other than the show announcement, I don't see this uniform pic on their website or social media.
  8. OMG OMG OMG!!!! I hope you are right!!!! This looks cool.
  9. I spotted this on Reddit. Does anybody have any ideas? It looks like it could be Cadets, but the dark color doesn't add up to me. I thought maybe Troopers 2010(ish) but the collar is different and I don't recall them having that color thingy on the right so that is out. Is this a new uniform for 2020? Does anybody know anything?
  10. From everything I'm hearing and seeing, this is going to be a good year for the Troopers. Pretty sure everyone will have chills right out of the gate. I heard they spent three hours with over 30 alumni from every era and really got to understand the scope of the Trooper history. Maybe there is some kind of Trooper magic in Wyoming. Glad they turned back home for this season. Probably helped with the hype.
  11. Looks like the Troopers just officially announced their 2018 program. Looks pretty sweet!
  12. Troopers also made a post on their Facebook with a link to Here is their statement on facebook...
  13. Troopers aren't exclusively holding auditions in Texas. Just last night they announced auditions in: Boston, MA Boise, ID and Casper, WY Also read they are working on even more locations throughout the U.S. Plus, the Troopers were one of the first corps to have a monetized video audition method that is still online now. It seems that they are making an attempt to spread out a little bit which is pretty cool. What do you think is the biggest challenge in recruiting kids into the Troopers?