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  1. Never mind Open Class, Spartans has one of my favorite shows of the entire season across the board. Open Class was simply amazing this year. (Yeah, I'm a homer. Sue me. Except don't really. But I was honestly impressed.)
  2. Spoiler alert: you are. Open Class has some great stuff this season. (Obviously, I have a homer bias, but it's legit.)
  3. And yet I can guarantee you they'll use our old logo from three years ago and a performer from two seasons ago in our intro. We've tried every year now to get it fixed. 🤣
  4. Anyone know how copyright laws work for FloMarching for European groups? They're not governed by the same laws, correct? Or do they have to follow them because they're performing in the U.S.?
  5. Trying to figure out how I can watch FloMarching from my phone at work with no headphones without betraying that I'm in a cult who takes the marching arts waaaaaaay too seriously and needs to get my finals week fix. Any suggestions?
  6. I'm sure it did have some impact. Additionally, although we personally had a phenomenal experience with housing last season, we heard some of the other directors say their housing sites had become pretty uncooperative on basic corps needs - simple things like showers and fields (I know at least one corps had to shower at the stadium). It was, just like everywhere else, sadly, becoming a rarity to find schools who could adequately house the corps. I'm not sure if that's just the upward trend of losing housing or the growth in Open Class. Probably a little of both.
  7. YES! It was amazing watching them last year on Friday night. You could tell how absolutely filled with joy they were just being out there, and it electrified the crowd.
  8. Cracking up looking at the WC Predict the Results thread with the responses that are automatically shuffling the OC corps to the bottom of their lists. I have a feeling those folks are going to be in for a surprise. 🙃
  9. First drum corps show that moved me to tears live was Crossmen's 1991 show. Specifically, "Dream of the Return." I still love that show so, so much.
  10. Noooooo!!! Flashbacks of last year in Michigan City... Ended up not being able to do a full OC retreat because of bus driver limitations after the hours-long rain delay. Let's hope whatever this is passes quickly and moves out of town.
  11. Finally, a "nighttime" show for almost every corps on the field. What an amazing set of programs in Open Class this season.
  12. I got some scores from my husband. Les Stentors 62.65 Raiders 62.725 Colt Cadets 64.075 Heat Wave 62.55
  13. They’ll likely announce scores for the first group during this break. They’re usually one group behind scores during INT.
  14. Kind of reminds me of the Blue Stars Home Depot show (sorry, can’t remember the real name - it’s meant affectionately).
  15. It’s just not held against them. Technically, any show can be between 8-12 minutes. It’s just you’re not going to see a WC show going on the lower end of the limit.
  16. No difference, really. OC corps are already scored on WC sheets.