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  1. The Bridgemen & Fusion will be co-hosting the show this year and for many more years to come.
  2. WINTER CAMP SCHEDULE: February 13th & 14th March 12th practice 12-6 March 13th parades – West Orange & Jersey City March 19th practice 12-4 Memorial Mass at night March 20thBayonne St.Patricks parade April 9th & 10th practice April 23rd Reilly Raiders Standstill Show SPRING/SUMMER SCHEDULE April 30th & May 1 Drill camp #1 May 14th & May 15 Drill camp #2 (May 14th Bayonne Day practice during day, exhibition at night) May 28th Practice 12-6 May 29th Practice 12-6 May 30th Bayonne parade June 4th Parade Wildwood June 25th Show -Barumn Fest, CT July 4th Milltown parade July 9th Show - Grand Prix, Clifton NJ July 23rd Show -TOS Bayonne N.J. Aug 6th Allentown Aug 10th Leave for Indy Aug 11th practice in Indy Aug 12th DCI SEMI FINALS Aug 13th Exhibition at Soundsport Aug 13th Leave for NJ after finals
  3. What it means was when we did our survey last August ( we do this ever year to get a handle of what corps we will have) of who would be coming back it wasn't promising. Only had 30 horns and 4 percussion and this on top of our practice site challenages of being bumped for a rental even though we had it booked. We have an old drum corps as in years withe corps. Many people have been in the corps 5 years or more so many were moving on. So with that it was presented to make this the last year and I'm happy to say we have over 70 horns and over 25 percussion and will be having our biggest corps since 2006. We will be doing 5 field shows this summer, highlighted with the final field performance in August at the DCI-Semi Finals in Indy. We will also be doing an exhibition at the Soundsport competition in Indy After August the organization will become a performing arts organization with many small ensembles like a Mini-Corps and maybe even a Soundsport. Types that you will need less people and less money. Hope this clears everything up as you will be able to see the Bridgemen many times before we ride off to the sunset. George Lavelle Bridgemen Director
  4. The Bridgemen will be putting out a mini corps this year!
  5. Bridgemen will be there, on next to last!
  6. Looking forward to a GREAT show this coming Saturday by all of the corps who by all accounts had GREAT off seasons. I don't know about a certain corps having lots of holes, because they are bringing 3 buses. I think this season for DCA 50th, is going to be one of the best ones yet.
  7. Leo, As of right now we have 3 competing corps, 3 Alumni corps (including us) and 1 junior corps in the show. We will be adding one more corps so its a mix of a show. A lot of people think if we added the competion part we would draw more of a crowd and since we already had 2 DCA competing in show we decided to do it while keeping some exhibition corps. See you there! George
  8. Yes this is the order of the show!
  9. Who did you write the letter to??? And Rocketman REALLY??????
  10. YES INDEED, it was a GREAT MOMENT! The Bridgemen would like to THANK Dale powers and the Defenders for joining in and helping be part of the GREAT MOMENT! This is what drum is supposed to be about. Creating MOMENTS and making friendships!!!! Hype! George
  11. 14 days to the TOS! It's going to be a VERY SPECIAL night with the tribute to the 72 corps and the Championship drum lines of 80-81-82 and there is also going to some special moments between the Bridgemen and Jersey Surf you won't want ot miss! Visit to get your tickets. Hype! George
  12. Fran, I think it might be 2 since I know of one from a small town of Bayonne(you might of heard of it) who will be performing that night! Hype! George
  13. On behalf of the Bridgemen we would like to THANK Swing House for a GREAT JOB running the Stinger. It was a GREAT EXPERIENCE for us and we look forward to coming back! Hype! George
  14. The Bridgemen are pleased to announce the lineup for the "Tournament Of Stars", exhibition show which will be held on June 23rd, 2012 at 6:30. The show will be held at Veterans stadium in Bayonne. The line up for this years show is: Swing House New York Skyliners Alumni Blessed Sac Reilly Raiders Park City Pride Fusion Core Raiders Cabs Alumni Jersey Surf and your host the Bridgemen The Bridgemen will also be doing a special tribute to the 1972 St.Andrews who 40 years ago made the first DCI finals and was the first corps to go on in DCI finals ever and will also be honoring the 1982 Bridgemen drumline. More info to follow. Hype! George