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  1. so did scott chandler just do a bunch of acid or something? who was this for?
  2. Came here to say this after finding a video of them performing it during an encore (it's not hard to find). The first half of it especially blows me away and to be honest it's some of the most gorgeous brass writing I've ever heard. I, too, would love some potential info on when it'll be in. Really hoping I'll get to see it this upcoming Monday at the AZ show - only show I can attend this season. At the very least catch them rehearsing it if they venture out into the Phoenix heat. On that note, does anyone know how best I can go about finding them when they're in town?
  3. family derailing family day attendance... ironic
  4. jagged line for sure and i'm so passionate about this. that was such a fun collection of music and visual elements, it's a shame they couldn't put it together better at the end.
  5. anyone else hearing major shades of vintage dci (and madison in particular) at the beginning of the finale impact? starts around 12:15
  6. #### everyone knocking will pitts. this is a fricking fantastically arranged brass book, especially in the confines of phantom's identity. god forbid we change something once in a while on this website. go back to your archives from the 70s and 80s if you didn't want to hear anything modernized or re-imagined. this book rocks.
  7. Also comes up again at the beginning of the finale sequence. Btw my two cents on the performance: that is one brass book, and that is one hornline. Just loving this show for that group. Battery book obviously isn't the flashiest but they're certainly pulling it off well for the time being. Certainly a step up for the corps from last year and possibly the best pre-tour Phantom in my time around the activity (since 2014ish)
  8. I still feel that these are the best uniforms/costumes/showwear/whatever I've ever seen. Encompasses all that I'm looking for in terms of uniqueness, recognizability, and show correlation
  9. It was sarcasm, sorry if I didn't make that clear enough
  10. Much of the staff does in fact share this feeling. The last two seasons were build-up to this. Now is when they're ready to make their jump.
  11. Hate to disappoint, but many groups who switched from the general definition of uniforms to the general definition of costumes in recent years will be going back to uniforms.
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