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  1. Tonight reminds me of 2015, but put bloo in crown’s place posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. It really feels like BD owned that one. Nothing against the other corps but BD at their best leads to BD with medals on their necks. posted from the DrumScorps app
  3. Is the flag on the 4 yard line vanguards? Or did bd leave it? posted from the DrumScorps app
  4. I like that idea, but the issue is it may be distracting to those watching from the top.
  5. This is really bad from a competitive point of view, but I think that also gives tremendous opportunity from a membership perspective. If people want to guarantee a ring they can go to bd for a couple of years. But if a ring is not their focus they can go to another corps they really love unworried about who's "going to win" knowing that it probably won't happen unless they're in bd allowing them to focus on the art not the score. Tell me if I'm totally off bass but it seems each of the top corps has a brand of what they do the best Crown - Join if you want to be in the best brassline Cavies - Join if you you want to do cool visual things and have "swagger" Bluecoats - Join if you want to be super cool and out of the box BD - Join if you want a ring, and want to be "the top of the activity" SCV - Not really sure, I'd say for a more traditional corps experience, but last years show doesn't back that up
  6. Yeah, it all comes back to amplification, part of the issue is the way show design is now days mm's are either marching or playing there is not nearly enough credit given for doing both, so the brass plays, and then stops playing and starts running and the pit takes over (flight of the bumblebee section of BD's show last year is a great example of what this is like)
  7. At times, but I feel like to just say less pit isn't exactly what anyone wants, to be honest it seems most of us (myself included) wants more brass.
  8. A lot of people on here are really hating on the pit, and I don't get it, I understand the distaste for synth but I think the pit in general has added some awesome musical opportunities.
  9. From what I understand staying with a one corps is very common, but so is jumping to a higher placement corps.
  10. -Tight Competition (At least 3 corps that could win it coming into finals week, and like 6 corps that could medal) -Loud Brass (not synth) -Fast Drill -Bluecoats give that 2010/2011 vibe with the 2016 power. -Blue Devils not changing a thing
  11. The predictions thread kinda died in December, but now that the rumor mill is alive and well with some corps already announcing their shows, I thought it'd be fun to say what we want to see happen in DCI this year. It could be a full on finals predictions or just some more subjective matter (ex G bugles make a comeback, or that all horns are replaced with synths ) For me, I want to see competitive drum corps again, Blue Devils were awesome this year, and things got close, but an undefeated season isn't exactly exciting.
  12. Most of them to be honest. But most often Blue Devils (so clean) and Cadets (something about it that I can't put my finger on)