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    I enjoy all of them--though I guess BK is my sentimental favorite.
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    Bluecoats the last 3 years, BK last year, Star 93 & 91. Have to list them all!
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    Couldn't say--so many great ones!
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  1. Some news from the BK folks. Very interesting... 😉 https://ascendperformingarts.org/blue-knights-announce-design-team-caption-heads-for-2019-season/
  2. Not much love for BK, eh? Seems a bit surprising to me.. Especially when you consider that their very strong and well seasoned staff from the last 3 years is staying intact for this coming year. From what I understand, they are working very hard this offseason to avoid many of the things that hurt them a bit last year. Also keep in mind the quality and maturity of the group over the last few years. At least, from what I saw, they sure weren't having any issues there--and seems to have gradually risen each year. Personally I am seeing them staying in the 6-8 group at worst--would like to see them move up, but who knows... Granted that may not be taking into account the high talent level of all of the groups out there. Just my opinion! But then again, we won't really know what happens until finals night anyways, will we... 😉 D