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    I enjoy all of them--though I guess BK is my sentimental favorite.
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    Bluecoats the last 3 years, BK last year, Star 93 & 91. Have to list them all!
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    Couldn't say--so many great ones!
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  1. Some news from the BK folks. Very interesting... 😉 https://ascendperformingarts.org/blue-knights-announce-design-team-caption-heads-for-2019-season/
  2. Not much love for BK, eh? Seems a bit surprising to me.. Especially when you consider that their very strong and well seasoned staff from the last 3 years is staying intact for this coming year. From what I understand, they are working very hard this offseason to avoid many of the things that hurt them a bit last year. Also keep in mind the quality and maturity of the group over the last few years. At least, from what I saw, they sure weren't having any issues there--and seems to have gradually risen each year. Personally I am seeing them staying in the 6-8 group at worst--would l