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  1. Just thought I’d share this interesting little statistic I put together. Which drumline brands do corps use in 2018? Academy - Mapex Bluecoats - Yamaha Blue Devils - System Blue Blue Knights - Mapex Blue Stars - Yamaha Boston Crusaders - Yamaha Cadets - Yamaha Carolina Crown - Yamaha Cascades - Pearl Cavaliers - Yamaha Colts - Yamaha Crossmen - Yamaha Genesis - Tama Jersey Surf - Mapex Madison Scouts - Yamaha Mandarins - Mapex Music City - Mapex Oregon Crusaders - Tama Pacific Crest - Mapex
  2. I'm a BK homer, but it's extremely cool to see a new corps jump into the competitive end. Mandarins, I got my eye on you and I can't wait to see you in Denver
  3. I think Blue Stars, BK and XMen have developed the middle child syndrome
  4. My jaw dropped when I saw the giant Phantom quad break. Other than that, I don't remember much else about the show already
  5. I'll bite. Trying to leave out as much bias as possible 1. Crown 2. Devils 3. Cavaliers 4. Vanguard 5. Boston 6. Bluecoats 7. Blue Stars (Oh yes I did) 8. Cadets 9. Phantom 10. Blue Knights 11. Crossmen 12. Mandarins 13. Academy 14. Madison (Sorry... I love you madison) 15. Spirit 16. Colts 17. Troopers 18. Oregon 19. Pacific Crest 20. Cascades 21. Genesis 22. Music City 23. Pioneer 24. Jersey Surf
  6. You know what? I actually kinda liked Game On. It’s not in my five favorite Cavaliers shows, and I get that people were very underwhelmed because it didn’t reach expectations Cavaliers fans have. But I thought the music (especially in the opener) was very solid, and it still had its “wow” moments. I also heard that many of the corps got sick on tour that year and ran into other problems. In a way, I think what happened makes the show’s theme, about perseverance and overcoming obstacles and all, more meaningful to me. Again, it’s not my favorite, but I wouldn’t say it was my least fav
  7. I hope they don't do away with the pit openings that leaded into the brass hit altogether. Those were finger-lickin' good
  8. Probably too early to start, but their 2017 thread was disappointingly quiet... I'll just start now to get the ball rolling. I can only begin to imagine what they'll bring to the table leading off from 20i7, what do you think?
  9. Vanguard, Boston, Mandarins, Blue Devils, Cavaliers, BK and Madison, no particular order But there isn't one show this season that I think is mediocre, boring, uninteresting, or not good. They're like children, I appreciate them all in one way at least
  10. ...So I guess we're all not going to talk about the Mandarins' pillow people? I think they look adorable and I have no clue why
  11. This topic is kinda cheesy, but I think of this every now and then. There are some corps that have something unique about them, but for others, maybe not much right off the bat. For example, Bloo pretty much has the title of being the hipster corps for their unique show titles and music selections in recent years. And obviously, the Cavaliers are all about masculinity. I'm lazy and won't list what I think of what makes every corps unique here. What titles do you all have in mind? No particular reason why I'm asking, just curious
  12. Oooooh, sorry Unless if you think three points is good enough? Oh man, their music this year is ground-breaking and is material worthy of reaching new heights, it's really unfortunate for me how dramatically their guard is bringing them back scorewise (I'm not saying that as a discredit towards the guard section themselves, they're all incredibly talented. I'm more referring to the choreography and equipment). Hope they figure out this whole equipment thing and clean it, or scrap it and replace it for something more judge friendly. I love this show too much to want it to take a hit a