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  1. Selling two ticket for Allentown Eastern Classic, one for Friday and one for Saturday! Selling them for $40 each, which is a great deal. Section R, Row 6, seat 2.
  2. Tell my kids all the time “just because you aren’t part of the conversation doesn’t mean there isn’t one being had.” Frustrating because I like to know things too, but usually this is usually the truth.
  3. Thanks! Not sure they’ll need him next year - he’s the ginger vocalist. He LOVES being a Cadet. The last two years performing have been a dream come true for him.
  4. Shared tissues with fellow Cadets moms. So very proud
  5. Well I’m very partial but I thought THEY WERE AWESOME!!!!!!
  6. Packed lots of tissues for Indy - GO CADETS!!!!!
  7. It’s the thread that connects The Cadets past and present
  8. Just saw the national Anthem on The Cadets FB page. ❤️
  9. Samantha has one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard and she's only 15.
  10. So glad you received it! Holy Voice will get theirs in Winston Salem :)
  11. She is awesome but she’s not integrated - She is a singer not a mm which isn’t an insult.
  12. I may have extras :) - hope you like gold and maroon