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  1. gregory11

    Crossmen 2019

    Jersey Surf cut there cymbal line this past summer. I was surprised.
  2. Since SCVC & BDB aren't coming to INDI for 2019, the title is up for grabs. Here's my top 5 prediction: 1. Legend 2. Spartans 3. Gold 4. Guardians 5. 7th Regiments We'll see what happens.
  3. gregory11

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    I like Scott Steward from Madison Scouts fame. I know he just retired but he could assist with the re-organization.
  4. gregory11

    No tour for Pioneer in 2019

    I believe they need time to locate those 2nd or 3rd cousins to fell those new positions.
  5. gregory11

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    I guess a couple of 2nd cousins will do for the BOD. Maybe a 3rd cousin or stepbrother for Corps Director.
  6. The term they currently use in the Hood is "snitches get stitches" if you know what I mean!!! This is the reason when Police come to investigate a crime no one has seen nothing or know's nothing. Another unsolved crime especially homicides. I guess dealing with repercussions can be a little.....................hectic. No snitches please!!!
  7. Just found out, like Urban Meyers.......... Roman/Pioneers suspended for the first ten shows but reinstated by DCI Southwest!!!
  8. Urban Meyers of OSU. What a Joke!!! Noting will happen to Roman. LOL!!!
  9. gregory11

    DCA Show In NJ This Weekend

    I don't understand who's running Highland Regiments but I finding it very unusual, no appearance this summer after being approved by DCA. If I can recall, I counted 3-4 show's right in the state of NJ they could of attended. STRANGE!!!
  10. I wonder, can't your just practice at a public field not being used? Normally it's open to the public for any use.
  11. gregory11


    I agree!!! What are you talking about!!! Go read a Comic Book or something!!!
  12. gregory11

    Crossmen 2018

    I understand what you're saying but the other corps aren't just setting around not practicing waiting for the Xmen to close the gap. 12th place looks good right now!!!
  13. gregory11

    St Louis, MO - July 15, 2018

    I'm thinking why does Madison continues to get slotted to perform after the Xmen? Madison is so overrated!!! No wonder Xmen are having problems moving up. Terrible slotting.
  14. gregory11

    who's going to the first

    It's June 18th, HR hasn't been added to DCA schedule. Never seen this before. I think they should just show up at any DCA contest to perform like I stated before. You have nothing to lose.
  15. gregory11


    Exhibition only, no scores.