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  1. With Indiana having some the top bands in the country why so hard to field a competitive DC? I miss STAR!!!
  2. Texas is know to have the most marching talent to date. Especially, top 12 Dci finalists corps. How would rate the top 10 states for marching & DCI talent? Is California number 2? What do you think?
  3. I agree with changes for 2021. I would delay the minimum 55 member rule until 2023 or 2024 to in carriage corps growth. I agree with most who think some corps will take 2021 off hopefully to regroup logistically. Scale back the new financial requirements rule for new and World Class interested corps until 2024, once again for growth. I have more ideas but DCI voted these two rule changes for 2021. Time for me to get some sleep.
  4. The IOC has until May to make a decision on cancelling the upcoming Olympics Games this summer in Japan.
  5. The current DCI board has become the "Mafia" of drum corps. What they say goes or else.!!!
  6. I noticed Incognito aren't listed on DCI summer schedule for 2020. Anyone have any insight about the organization?
  7. Something is fishy here. Encorps came out 2018 as a Soundsports Unit with about 80 members. They marched less for 2019. It's 2020 and they decided to fold because they marched less than 55 members in 2019. I don't get it!!! For 2020, try recruiting more members. What about 2018 when you marched about 80 members? I'm missing something!!!
  8. Please!!! When will this trend stop. People act like Madison committed a Crime!!!
  9. My question is, " what should DCA do about Labor Day"? Some organizations aren't excited about making changes. Many would rather stay the course to prove people wrong, then give in to the masses despite hurting the activity in the long term.
  10. DCA is currently losing corps, especially in the mid-west. I believe DCA would welcome the Pioneers with open harms despite the founder. It wouldn't surprise me if DCA made Roman its new President. 😄LOL!!!
  11. One problem with DCA is change. They need some younger members within the governing body with new ideas and give some better direction for the future. I bet DCA leadership will continue ignoring the Labor Day weekend issues and keep drinking there beer and eating some hotdogs looking at 7 corps compete. You know the price of admission will continue to rise despite 7 corps but there having a great time here on labor day with 800-900 in attendance for 2022!!! Please.........don't make me laugh.
  12. Let get to the heart of the matter with both corps that resides in Minnesota, when River City Rhythm came on the scene, recruiting options change for drum corps in this state. last year RRR marched over a 100 members. I'm expected them to march close to a full size corps this summer. This corps has come a long way since only being around for a couple years. As mentioned before the young kids rather march DCI with no Labor Day issues like you encounter with DCA. I hope both Chops and MNB find a way to hang in there. No official announcement has been made by either corps about summer 201