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  1. Thank you, BlueStarsDad! He looks star struck!
  2. Awwwwww! I love this! Made me smile right back atcha!
  3. I have a request for any DCPer attending tonight. Please find HookemCavies and get a picture of him AFTER the Cavaliers' performance. I want to see his face!
  4. Checking this topic for the first time to get ready for tonight. Found myself chuckling that it is pretty much a conversation between Hook'em Cavies and everyone else enjoying his excitement about tonight. Sweet. But 13 pages of sweet? Oh well, nice for a change.
  5. With all the superb band programs in Texas, the state should easily be able to handle multiple corps. Nice to see three of them tonight.
  6. So Guardians - are they moving away from their groovy, tough-guy image? This is kind of neo-classical. I like it but totally surprised at the change.
  7. Wow! Compass sounds really good for a new, small group! Big sound and big attitude. Way to go!
  8. It's a go. Star Spangled Banner being played by a Madison Scout trumpet.
  9. Wow! thank you so much for posting this - I needed it and ended up watching the whole thing. When did we lose our sense of humor in drum corps? I loved it.
  10. If you've got the time, this new interview of Tim Hinton talking with Tracy Carter about Music City's show and corps philosophy is so well done and very interesting. She mentions, and expands on the idea of Music City deciding last year to try to do things that aren't being done that much in drum corps.
  11. Current weather forecast is cloudy for the rest of the night with only a 15% chance of rain. Nice and cool - good performing weather.