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  1. Just saw this posted on two FB pages. Food for thought: Tony Lymon tSponslnco8hred · Yo. DCI nerds. Be advised. How we handle/receive this summer's versions of DCI groups will determine the future of our activity. This is one of the ways that our culture can be dumb and counterintuitive. If you get on social media and compare this summer's versions of groups to their historic success and then trash them... that's dumb. Reme
  2. I agree. And the kids I'm in touch with who are marching this summer are mega excited about being in a drum corps this year. I'm celebrating with them.
  3. Thanks. That was cool. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.
  4. I just saw this article. I think it is great news for our "bridge tour"! Very encouraging.
  5. Hear, hear. And prices for gas typically go up in the summer due to vacationers so this has probably been factored into costs by most participating corps.
  6. Just saw a comment on Reddit that Blue Stars is marching a 94 person horn line and a comment following said that DCI had raised the size limit to 165 just for this year. First I've heard of this and I think it would have been mentioned on here if true. Anyone know if this is correct - or not?
  7. "This years production will include an all original soundtrack composed by CJ Barrow, Jeremy Thompson, Matt Penland and Tyler Sammons. “I am beyond excited to see what this team can create for our membership” said Joe Roach, Executive Director “they have been patiently waiting for over a year to put their first production on the field as a team and this one is going to be amazing!" After cancelling the 2020 season in March of last year the design team put their production plans on the shelf. Once tour plans were more solidified the team chose to create a new production special for this up
  8. Seattle Cascades just posted on their FB page that they will not be participating in 2021.
  9. Just posted in The Tennessean (Nashville's newspaper): Nashville to offer COVID-19 vaccine to everyone 16 or older by April 5. I noticed that this year, Music City has 16 as the youngest age they will accept. Also, when questioned about them charging the same fees this year ($3000) as a regular season, two of the reasons given were the costs for CV19 saliva tests and socially distanced housing (hotels). So I'm guessing this is typical for all the corps who have announced they are marching this year. I find it encouraging.
  10. Just saw on Legends FB page that they will not field a corps this year.
  11. I followed the auctions on Ebay, which ended today. The jacket sold for $703 and it had 59 bids!!!! The ring sold for $385 with 19 bids. Quite impressive!
  12. In the Ebay description, it belongs to the seller who was a member that year.
  13. This from Music City's new website: "Music City is $2,750.00"