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  1. You might want to correct your title. It's not Troopers, it's SOA.
  2. I'm wondering if this is the beginning of seeing the lower WC corps and OC corps struggling to fill out their corps because the new 165 limit is letting more people make the higher placing corps than would have happened with 154.
  3. I don't know about dying off, but when I check in and, no matter what the topic, see mostly discussions between a handful of people that often get way off track from the subject and into reminiscing for pages and pages, it no longer seems like a good source of legitimate information on the activity.
  4. And this quote from the 2nd article is telling: "In light of the allegations, McGlauchlen said the Shadow Drum & Bugle Corps will not have a 2022 season. Normally, the corps has a program each summer. McGlauchlen said the corps needs to “evaluate” whether it should move forward at all as an organization."
  5. Question: Both DCI & Flo show that there will be another program tomorrow night in Lawrence at the same stadium with the same group of corps. Any of you know if that Is correct?
  6. I watched a little of it on Flo and saw all of the Mandarins' show. They were really good, visually and musically.
  7. Me too. Tried different browser - still buffered. Cleaned my computer - still buffered. Both cameras are buffering.
  8. I am going to watch both shows on Flo and suppress any need to criticize. I just want to see a bunch of fine, musical young people pouring themselves out to bring us a night of drum corps.
  9. I agree! Much better price than in the past and easy enough to cancel it when 2021 drum corps is over. Hopefully it will encourage some of the people who've sworn off of FloMarching to give them another chance. I feel like we need to be supportive across the board in this shortened season. With Covid picking up again, we really don't have a guarantee that 2022 will be "back to normal".
  10. No, they are not doing that after all. Pretty much it's the usual "get on the bus after performing" and riding through the night to the place they will be practicing or performing.
  11. Just saw this posted on two FB pages. Food for thought: Tony Lymon tSponslnco8hred · Yo. DCI nerds. Be advised. How we handle/receive this summer's versions of DCI groups will determine the future of our activity. This is one of the ways that our culture can be dumb and counterintuitive. If you get on social media and compare this summer's versions of groups to their historic success and then trash them... that's dumb. Remember, as much as we WANT to be the NFL meets Broadway, there's one HUGE difference. Only WE like what WE do and we only generate a minimal amount of new fans and no revenue. To top that we have expensive tastes in design and travel and we pass the cost down to the kids that participate. Imagine if the only people who watched a Broadway show was its former cast members and their parents. It would close quickly. So, let's not be as dumb as we have been in the past. The kids doing DCI is the heartbeat of it. We already make it incredibly difficult for diverse participation in the activity because of ASTRONOMICAL fees. If we then embarrass them ignominiously for not being the BEST version of themselves in a 4-5 week tour, then that is just dumb. Let's be smart. People/Things We've Trashed Historically: -Bill Cook (Billionaire who essentially funded the PBS broadcasts) -Curt Gowdy (National Sports Personality that tried to lend his fame to us.) -Any national exposure that calls DCI "Band" -Films that attempt to glorify what we do, but get parts of it wrong -DeWayne "The Rock" Johnson giving up his own cash to give us exposure in a TV series -FLoMarching (because they didn't show the tenor line during their feature that one time.) "How's that working fer ya..." -Dr. Phil
  12. I agree. And the kids I'm in touch with who are marching this summer are mega excited about being in a drum corps this year. I'm celebrating with them.
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