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  1. Sweet. Thanks for posting this treasure.
  2. I had to Google "virtue signaling" to find out what it means. Got this: "the action or practice of publicly expressing opinions or sentiments intended to demonstrate one's good character or the moral correctness of one's position on a particular issue."
  3. I'd be at home, but I would be smiling and excited from looking through the huge amount of photos posted overnight to the Music City Family & Friends FB page from the opening of spring training. Something MCDC does really well is taking a large group of daily photos that are shared on that page. I woke up every morning during the season eager to see the kids. Good medicine for an old lady.
  4. Just curious. Has any corps used music from the "Victory at Sea" series in their show? I love the music and think it would work for drum corps.
  5. I rediscovered drum corps in 2016 when I saw a news feature on a local TV station about Music City rehearsing at a high school near me, getting ready to leave on tour. I went to their send-off performance and instantly became a Music City fan - they are my home corps. But I also fell in love with Blue Devils in 2017 because of this show. I never say much about the top 6 corps, just watch and enjoy them. That said, I'd have to say that besides my home corps, this video reminded me that the Blue Devils, along with Phantom Regiment, are my overall favorites. The video gave me goosebumps and made me teary. Good medicine for the CV blues.
  6. Wow! Go Cavaliers. Looking out for the good of all DCI. Hookemcavies should be so proud.
  7. Just saw this excellent opinion piece on Stephen Riley's Law Blog. "The End of Tresona"
  8. Is anyone keeping count? Spirit of Atlanta just cancelled March camp: "After careful consideration and much deliberation, the Spirit of Atlanta leadership team has decided to cancel the March 20-22 camp at Luella High School. The health and safety of our members, staff and volunteers continue to be the highest priority of our organization. All members, staff and volunteers have been made aware of this change."
  9. Another one bites the dust. Music City just cancelled March brass camp.
  10. The Madison Scouts are cancelling our March brass rehearsal amid COVID-19 concerns. Wash your hands!
  11. Here's something we can pray about: a potential cure.
  12. Seattle Cascades canceled March camp: "Due to this growing concern and widespread outbreak, and in an effort to protect our members, staff and volunteers the Northwest Youth Music Association has made the decision to cancel the March 20-22 rehearsal camp."
  13. Just posted on SC Vanguard's FB page: "In an an effort to protect our members and staff from an outbreak of Coronavirus in Santa Clara County, VMAPA will be cancelling upcoming March events, including drum corps rehearsal camps and the annual Vanguard Birthday Brunch on March 28."
  14. Saturday, June 20 - DCI West Location: Stanford, CA Sunday, June 21 - DCI Crossroads Location: Zionsville, IN Friday, June 26 - DCI Central Indiana Location: Muncie, IN Friday, June 26 - Drum Corps: An American Tradition — Allentown Location: Allentown, PA Saturday, June 27 - Drum Corps at the Rose Bowl Location: Pasadena, CA Tuesday, June 30 - The Northwoods Encore Location: Stevens Point, WI Sunday, July 5 - DCI La Crosse Location: La Crosse, WI Sunday, July 5 - DCI Orlando Location: Orlando, FL Wednesday, July 8 - Celebration in Brass Location: Ankeny, IA Saturday, July 11 - DCI Memphis Location: Memphis, TN Saturday, July 11 - Tour of Champions - Northern Illinois Location: DeKalb, IL Sunday, July 12 - DCI Midwestern Championship Location: St. Louis, MO Sunday, July 12 - Drums Along the Rockies Location: Denver, CO Tuesday, July 14 - DCI Broken Arrow Location: Broken Arrow, OK Thursday, July 16 - DCI Austin Location: Round Rock, TX Thursday, July 16 - DCI Denton Location: Denton, TX Friday, July 17 - DCI Houston Location: Houston, TX Saturday, July 18 - DCI Corpus Christi Location: Corpus Christi, TX Saturday, July 18 - DCI San Antonio Location: San Antonio, TX Monday, July 20 - DCI Mesquite Location: Mesquite, TX Tuesday, July 21 - DCI McKinney Location: McKinney, TX Wednesday, July 22 - DCI Little Rock Location: Little Rock, AR Friday, July 24 - The Masters of the Summer Music Games Location: Murfreesboro, TN Saturday, July 25 - DCI Southeastern Championship Location: Atlanta, GA Sunday, July 26 - NightBEAT Location: Winston-Salem, NC Tuesday, July 28 - Drum Corps: An American Tradition — Annapolis Location: Annapolis, MD Wednesday, July 29 - Drum Corps: An American Tradition — East Rutherford Location: East Rutherford, NJ Friday, July 31 - DCI Eastern Classic, Day 1 Location: Allentown, PA Saturday, August 1 - DCI Eastern Classic, Day 2 Location: Allentown, PA Monday, August 3 - DCI Open Class World Championship Prelims Tuesday, August 4 - DCI Open Class World Championship Finals Thursday, August 6 - DCI World Championship Prelims Friday, August 7 - DCI World Championship Semifinals Saturday, August 8 - DCI World Championship Finals
  15. Yay! They are going to be at Masters of the Summer Music Games at Murfreesboro, TN!