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  1. Looks like Spartans are out. From their FB page:
  2. Music City: We are hard at work on a safe return to play in 2021 and hope to see each and every one of you soon! Please stay on the lookout for more information regarding 2021 opportunities by visiting our website:
  4. Tim Snyder returns to Troopers as Program Coordinator.
  5. Just saw on Reddit a note from the "former" BCH at Troopers that the whole brass staff was being replaced. He said it wasn't something bad, just that the corps was going in a new direction or something like that.
  6. Just in case someone decides to do a cheerful show - not holding my breath on that one!
  7. I would guess that of the 2020 corps, over half of them were from Tennessee and the surrounding states of Kentucky, Georgia, Alabama, etc. And probably 30+ were from the Nashville area.
  8. Here's a most enlightening and encouraging article in The Atlantic - "the plan that could give us our lives back". "How to test every American for Covid 19 every day."
  9. Thanks for posting this CrownBariDad. It was refreshing.
  10. There are two Instagram accounts and one of them has a video of Ike talking. One of them is @racisminmarchingarts and the other one is @bandsafespace.
  11. Hi Terri - I hope you and hubby are doing well in all of this craziness.

    Do you have any thoughts about why DCP is staying mum about the whole Ike Jackson/Mandarins drama being covered so thoroughly on Redditt, Instagram, and Twitter?  The kids are getting bolder and have taken this thing by the horns and so I just now saw on Redditt and Twitter that the Mandarins have opened an investigation into the allegations against Ike.  Pretty big stuff for DCP to not mention - but maybe they are being more cautious these days.

    That's all.  Over and out!