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  1. 1.Blue Devils (what else can you expect?) 2.Carolina Crown 3. Santa Clara Vanguard 4.Bluecoats 5.Boston Crusaders 6. Cavaliers 7.Phantom Regiment (the new addition to brass staff will do wonders, positive trend will come soon) 8.The Cadets 9.Blue Stars 10.Crossmen 11.Blue Knights 12.Madarins ___________________ 13.Madison Scouts 14.Academy
  2. I thought Mark mentioned to keep some of this confidential. Just sayin.
  3. I hope you do get to see what they get done on the opener at camp, I have heard that it is truly something.
  4. Well, since they are 6 months ahead of schedule,learning drill in april,had the entire musical selection at march camp. They are ahead of every corps from a design standpoint. I'd say that is not going to be an issue as far getting things on the field. P.S. I won't be surprised if they have the entire show on the field 2 1/2 weeks into spring training. I know for a fact, they are trying to put the entire opener on the field next camp.(have to put "try" because we have to see how much they get done within a camp)
  5. 1.Carolina Crown 2.Blue Devils 3.Bluecoats 4.Blue Knights(total dark horse). very soon.... 5.Santa Clara Vanguard 6.Cadets 7.Cavaliers 8.Phantom Regiment 9.Blue Stars 10.Academy 11.Crossmen 12.Boston Crusaders 13.Madison Scouts 14.Mandarins 15.Troopers 16.Colts 17.Genesis 18.Spirit of Atlanta 19.Pacific Crest 20.Oregon Crusaders 21.Cascades 22.Jersey Surf 23.Pioneer
  6. from what I have been hearing from members, BK is on Fire. Thats all i'm willing to say. I have also heard that their visual package is also being vamped.