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  1. Couldn't have said it better myself! I am SOOOO tired of watching corps get rewarded for standing and climbing around on props! Part of the score has to be how well you march AND play. I'm not saying Crown would win if that were the case, but too much is being rewarded in this activity for running to spots in between playing and then when they do play, whether I like the music or not, they are just standing on props or standing in front of a microphone. I don't consider myself someone who can't look at the activity and see innovation but I said a few years ago DCI was at a crossroads as soon as Bluecoats won by spending their entire show going up and down slides! I was worried where we were headed and what would people come up with next, and it has led to how to put meaningless props all over the field so that corps members can run around them, and stand on them and play. PLEASE, bring back MARCHING and PLAYING AT THE SAME TIME!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Crown for attempting that again this year! I wish others would take this approach!
  2. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just saw a live feed of Crown!!! This group is on fire!!! Bring on Broken Arrow!!!!
  3. Was watching a live feed and the crowd went crazy at the company front and crown set at the end!
  4. Agree!! This show needs a number of viewings to take it all in.
  5. Wow, just Wow!!!! Couldn't be more proud to be a Crown parent right now!!! What they've done this spring is amazing and I can't wait to see how the summer goes!! Going to be quite the age-out year!!!!!
  6. This year is going to be special!!!! Love everything about Crown 2019!
  7. If these two guys are this giddy about this show in early June, it's going to be a GREAT summer for Crown!
  8. It was breath taking at April camp and I can't wait to see it on the field!
  9. It's definitely The Swingles version and not these other two!!
  10. You are going to absolutely LOVE this show. A drum corps show where you will be jumping up in your seat and leave the stadium humming the music.
  11. Finally, it's out there for everyone to know. This show is going to be AMAZING and nobody will be leaving the stadium without being blown away and just asking for more!!!!!