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  1. Really appreciate all the responses so far... They're not only educating but passionate...And one can see the shoulders that current designers stand on...Peace
  2. I ask this because I've seen so many advances in drill/choreography since D.C.I.'s inception that I find it near impossible for me to speak with any authority..So feel free to give us your thoughts..thank you
  3. Not including some of the redundancy, I thought the document's grammatical errors gave the appearance of being hastily produced...That it was never fully realized does not surprise ..just my opinion...I'm just a fan..peace
  4. The theme from To kill a mockingbird is indeed beautiful and with Bocook arranging ...done deal..I just wonder how many have heard Andre Previn's arrangement of the Theme from the movie "Bad day at Black rock" starring a one armed Spencer Tracy...I would love to see this haunting melody done by the Cadets.It's one of my favorites..peace
  5. The REGAL Theater in Union Square Manhattan is still apparently one of the valid locations as far as I can tell
  6. I have all of Herbie' s albums(vinyl too)..If the St. Louis Blues version with Stevie is even close to the album,I'm ALL in..Go Cadets
  7. I know that they would probably play the hell out of TOMMY, but given the relatively recent demise of Chick Corea, Michael Brecker and Roy Hargrove I would hope that some corps, any corps, would consider the music these beautiful dudes left us..peace
  8. Though I rarely had a chance to see them , except for finals week, they were one of the more entertaining corps that I thoight might crack the top twelve one day..Sad that they won't be available this year..And yes, it feels like dci is paying for it's sins of omission.peace
  9. In Brooklyn, Spumoni Gardens pizza was so good that when their recipe was hijacked by a Staten Island competitor, war almost broke out..I've had Spumoni pizza and it is sensational! not your typical N.Y. pizza
  10. thank you for keeping chick's music and memory alive and well..27 Grammy awards !
  11. STAR OF INDIANA, 1993....you all know the chord after the big bass drum rolls..Medea..nuff said
  12. Not to mention an invasion of Ukraine whose consequences are potentially staggering
  13. While viewing the 2019 championships recently, I realized that the brass sections in many corps seemed to dance more than blow..I exaggerate but is this trend going to continue until brass just becomes background music( if it hasn't already)?
  14. Season 2 episode 5 of CHEER should send out a clarion call for ALL youth organizations...hard to sit through but necessary..peace
  15. After Terri's review of " CHEER" I watched season 2 episode 1 where one of the STARS of the documentary was arrested for child pornography..There was no further mention of this incident in this episode: It felt like " lets get through this quickly so that we can focus again on cheering"...And this is apparently the creme de la creme of cheering squads..Again, the paralells between drum corps and cheering at that level, makes you want to be even more dilligent when considering the environment you want your child to march in..As one Texan parent said" Winning is everything"..My retort: But at what cost?
  16. I think that when corps moved from neighborhoods to DCI and auditioners could come from anywhere in the world, the talent got better but perhaps the desire to serve kids became subordinate to winning..At least BITD we knew who the scumbags were and where they came from..Jumping from corps to corps for a gold medal is okay if that's what you want, but at what price to your humanity..peace
  17. It's kinda hard not to see the parallels between cheer and drum corps..both niche activities. they have their Superstar instructors and followers who revere them as well as increasingly creative content that demands great stress on the body..But like you said, competitive cheer is too dangerous ..IMO also
  18. Ah yes..flowcharts and top down analysis/design techniques..I worked for Yourdon inc. back then so I am very familiar with the jargon of that period..He died 6 years ago..good dude
  19. If I missed this information I apologize, but did the alleged abuser end up signing on with BD? As the gold standard in drum corps, I would find it extremely problematic and disappointing if BD accepted this person..and if there is a season I could not wish them success with said individual participating....Peace
  20. Wow! now that's some gangster ####.btw one of my sons is a teamster so i understand
  21. if what we've been told from multiple sources is true, I have to agree with Jeff..I thought the stuff I saw BITD was bad, but since I never toured as such, these revelations are just plain gross..And if the flagship corps are about this B.S then I don't want my grandkids marching DCI unless and until these criminal behaviors are exorcised..peace
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