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  1. Oooooh can't wait to try: Blue (blue raspberry): Louie-Bloo Raspberry Red (strawberry): Strawberry Short Kook Yellow (lemon): Rip Van Lemon Green (lemon-lime): Sir Isaac Lime Pink (fruit punch 😞 Poncho Punch Purple (grape): Alexander the Grape Orange (orange): Little Orphan Orange
  2. The 2020 Santa Clara Vanguard would like to present "Phantom Never Dies" Music from Phantom of the Opera and Love Never Dies. Prologue(Love Never Dies) The Aerie(Love Never Dies) Masquerade(Phantom of the Opera) All I ask of you/Wishing you were here (Phantom of the Opera) Phantom of the Opera/Music of the Night (Phantom of the Opera) Till I hear you sing/Endless Moonlight (Love Never Dies) Coney Island Waltz(reprise)(Love Never Dies)
  3. Been watching shows live since 1992. I can’t give one show. I also grew up too young to see awesome metal bands in Hollywood during the pinnacle of things. So here is my attempt to give shows I would go back and time to see. In order. 1. Without a doubt to see all the corps in 1993. To be there when it was raining for Scouts and to see Star for the last time. 2. 1992-God so many good shows this year. Cavies first DCI win. 3. 1987- To be crushed by SCV not winning. To hear the Cadets and yelling my butt off when the snare dropped his stick so they could never get a perfect score. 4. 2008- Sorry, but who doesn’t want to re-live Spartacus. 5. 2013- only cause I want to hear a perfect brass score.....once I’ll accept a performance outside too. Us people in California don’t get all the luxuries. 6. 1988- IMO a better year than 1989, but it’s my next choice. 7. 1989- Who WOULDN’T want to see the Crossmen’s best musical show? Who doesn’t like a white painted Contra(yes, young people...it’s what they called them before DCI got soft.) 8. 1985- I honestly can say this “should” be higher, but I’ll just watch Madison and Suncoast. 9. 1972- It’s not on the top of my list, but I know without a doubt that I would need to hear some prime old school. 10. And finally.....I would want to hear the Bridgemen 1979 show live and everyone all coke’d up.
  4. Can we just please create a devil metal forum for all things musical just to #### off everyone? The Swedish Black Metal Society that only knits and listens to DCI would approve.
  5. Let’s also say you can be home before 10 am, you can’t go anywhere before breakfast and the the game Gauntlet is the devil.
  6. Before anyone comments. Create a new topic.
  7. Absolutely way too many Absolutely and personally.....not enough we are trying to make things better before and after the Cadets performance. Not wanting a $hit storm, but once again it feels like a topic that is better served cold or not at all.
  8. tedrick....you’re right, but I must say that we’ve never really had these problems before(*ahem* we did one time where we lost the feed*) Usually things are ok. For me, I’d like DCI to acknowledge that a mic had issues and give an apology.
  9. Hey everyone, Just wanted to thank everybody for their discussion on this. It got lost with the great feedback on tonight’s prelims conversation and felt it needed it’s own forum. Thanks again for keeping things polite.
  10. I saw a lot of people asking about the Cavaliers penalty and thought to just make a topic since no one answered. I am curious too. Please post why when you know.