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  1. No, same statement as yesterday, but a lot of Corps are making announcements cancelling camps.
  2. Disney was confident it was going to stay open too.
  3. One can argue a more "traditional" uniform from last year, but more traditional none the less.👍
  4. And there's the cover................................drops mic crying.
  5. So when is someone going to start the 2020 Official Programs & Playlist post?
  6. Who’s just happy we didn’t anger any military vets with the introduction of WoodWinds International?
  7. I would be even happier if a rule was put into place to forever ban them and preserve the basic core activity, but I’m ecstatic none the less. Thank you directors. P.S. Woodwinds can always create a series with no brass to make those brass players jealous.
  8. Is Mike Boo giving us Liner notes to the trial? For those younger folks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liner_notes
  9. Second wish. Velvet Knights come back as an all Kazoo and beat box program. Yes, that sounds better than Woodwinds.
  10. Woodwinds being permanently banned. I plan on taking 6 new people this year( I take new people every year), but I seriously can't bring myself to do so if woodwinds are allowed.
  11. They would break out the Chick-Fil-A cow and a sign that says eat more Turkey.
  12. Actually what's weird is that the picture has changed sine I last saw it. Before the brass line was on the field, the drumline was on the practice field above the stadium and the pit was doing what the pit ALWAYS does. Well...they were in the shade...lol. I digress, the point is that it changed right after my post.