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  1. Two volumes $12 total for the digital versions. https://www.drumcorpsworld.com/product-category/history-books/
  2. He isn't ready to know the truth. He's just a BOY!!! CONSULT THE BOOK OF ARMAMENTS!!!
  3. Due to character limitations on the website that will give you a 500 error if you exceed it here is the last of the notes. Kiwanis Kavaliers Evil doers shuddered when Hall of Justice made the confines of the stadium--as well as Gotham. Metropolis and galaxies light years away--safe for comic-book-reading-law-abiding people everywhere, with the only escapees from the colorful pages being a "ZAP"-load of heroic "BANG", "BOOM" and "POW". Troopers In Red, White & Blue The American Spirit, "America's Corps" indulged the audience with an unabashed salute to the passion of th
  4. Drum Corps International Summer Music Games 2002 Camp Randal Stadium Madison, Wisconsin August 5th-10th It was heard over and over throughout Camp Randall Stadium, "This is the best year of drum corps EVER!" Fans witnessed a high score at the 2001 Drum Corps international Worlds Championship Division I Finals when Brandt Crocker announced The Cavaliers in first place for the third year-in-a-row, capping off an undefeated season with three perfect caption scores and wins in all but one caption. The excitement, however, went far beyond the story of the Gree
  5. No, same statement as yesterday, but a lot of Corps are making announcements cancelling camps.
  6. One can argue a more "traditional" uniform from last year, but more traditional none the less.👍
  7. And there's the cover................................drops mic crying.
  8. So when is someone going to start the 2020 Official Programs & Playlist post?
  9. Who’s just happy we didn’t anger any military vets with the introduction of WoodWinds International?
  10. I would be even happier if a rule was put into place to forever ban them and preserve the basic core activity, but I’m ecstatic none the less. Thank you directors. P.S. Woodwinds can always create a series with no brass to make those brass players jealous.
  11. Is Mike Boo giving us Liner notes to the trial? For those younger folks https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liner_notes