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  1. Some friends and I are planning on trying out for some drum cores (crown and SOA more than likely) and were wondering if there is anything we can do to prepare ourselves for audition camps, what materials to know when going in, what to practice, and where to find the materials and exercise to practice (not talking about audition packets).
  2. I am a pretty decent mellophone player already (if i say so myself), but i want to know how to become the best I can possibly be. I am trying out for DCI this fall/winter and want to come fully prepared. Any and all tips will be acknowledged. What can I do to improve my tone, range, musicality, sight reading, or tuning. You do NOT have to be a mellophone payer for me to listen. Again any info/tips will be used.
  3. I really appreciate you getting baack to me. Yeah our Band Director is a french horn player and worked with Memphis Sound.
  4. I think we had one person use a french horn mouthpiece with adapter; however, we did have like 4-5 out of 12 (if I can remember use) trumpet mouthpieces). I am asking them to buy a proper mello mouthpiece and bought another one for me and am letting someone use my old one. Thank you so much for the reply!
  5. This will be my second year being a section leader in my school's mellophone section and the other day I was watching one of our videos and noticed how out of tune we are with eachother. Is there anything I can do to fix this or improve it? It will be my senior year and want this to be our best year. better view but older competition
  6. I plan on trying out for spirit of Atlanta for my first year in DCI and was wondering on how selective it was for mellophone in particular. I'm going to give it my all no matter what but I was just curious. Also, any tips for preparing for auditions and the auditions themselves would be incredibly appreciated!