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  1. Can’t really agree that someone would’ve covered it by now. Also, Chaka Khan covered “I Feel For You”. It’s definitely possible to accomplish rights for a theatrical presentation or show. The process may be trying, but it is possible, no doubt.
  2. That has definitely been the case in years past, but I think that with his unfortunate and untimely demise, access to his music has loosened quite a bit! For the right price, his estate would definitely grant the rights.
  3. Oooooooh I like you!!!!!!!!!😂😂😂 This really has some legs!!!!!! A GREAT ballad also is “Sometimes It Snows In April”! “Controversy” could be another hit! I like the esoteric suggestion of mashing it with Toni Morrison’s “Beloved”. The uniform selections could be OUTRAGEOUS!!! (All except the heels, probably wouldn’t match too well!) Remember, he wrote “Manic Monday”, “Nothing Compares 2 U”, and “I Feel For You”! This could really be a thing......
  4. Absolutely the general audience would know it! His catalogue of stuff he wrote for others and himself is pretty sick. Well known hits! Just open the show with the organ chord from the opening of “Let’s Go Crazy”.......
  5. http://colts.org/2019_290.html NIIIIIIICE!!!!!!
  6. Can somebody Scope the Colts for me?! I can’t make it to the theater tonight!!!!
  7. I’m sorry but this may be one of those years, for me anyways, that the best Corps may not win. I’ve seen all the corps and Bloo just does it for me. I understand BD is clean as they always are, but Bloo just has “it” for me. That’s the show I’d rather see encore on Finals night.
  8. I was with you on these predictions until I got from 14-16. I just can’t drop Colts out of the 15. I think there is a jump left in them, especially after they clean the uniform change transition they just implemented. I like PC, I just think the battle is between Colts and Academy, pretty much like last year.
  9. It did seem a bit of a rough run for Bloo. Not, when it all comes together though....