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  1. Saw this on Reddit. From the Cadets photographer at MetLife I believe posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. Looks like the rain will pass before any corps are scheduled to go on. Should be good to go, knock on wood
  3. One score from one show is not a trend. They're fine.
  4. I'm not the one calling Crown, a corps that hasn't had any reason to worry yet, a design disaster. Realistically, they will be fine and not the dumpster fire all of you pretend they are right now. Yes, you are an idiot if you think that the show should be criticized this heavily at this stage of the game. Come back to me in August when they're in the top 2 and you'll probably still be whining about how horrible it is
  5. You guys are all such amazing critics of design that you should be out there judging! Crown will be fine. It's only June 30th. Most of the keyboard show designers hated Cabaret Voltaire and then it won. When the show is finished (newsflash, it's not) it will be top 2. It's an unfinished show that's scoring fine (if top 3 can be considered fine) and it has limitless room to grow thanks to the art form that is deconstructionism. Come back after Atlanta. If they're not in the top 3 I will gladly admit I was wrong but let's stop pretending that the show is a dumpster fire because
  6. This narration is painful to listen to And I usually love narration
  7. I enjoy the Cavies show more as a standstill than what they have on the field
  8. Okay Boston, I'll admit it. Time to eat crow I was dead WRONG about you this year. Shocking if they aren't top 6 by the end of the season
  9. It's the equivalent of saying "Back in my day, football players didn't even wear helmets, they just gave each other brain damage like REAL men" I used to try to understand where the Dinos were coming from but after reading the absolutely disgusting comments on the "I don't support DCI" page on Facebook, I think it's best for them to just leave the activity if they have nothing more to contribute than constant negativity and whining about how things change.
  10. DCP keeps whining, Crowns scores keep climbing
  11. Vanguard with the grand slam of the season. Absolutely beautiful
  12. Crown only a point behind with an unfinished show? I'll put my money on them for the gold. Their show has more room to grow than Down Side Up 2.0
  13. If drum corps traditionalists hate the second half, crown is pulling off the show beautifully