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  1. Calm down man, you act like I am bashing the past. I am talking about the present not the past. So at this point, the Troopers are a lower corp.
  2. Lower corps in World Class. I consider Spirit of Atlanta a lower corp.
  3. The list of things on a facilities checklist are: - Can someone else host it? (High School) - Is there ample parking? - Is there an area for the corps to practice? - Is it in a central location for people to meet? - Is traffic acceptable? - is the seating appropriate for the expected clientel? (Basically don't hist at a place like at&t stadium when you only expect 1K people) - Is it a comfortable envirment for the corps? (Denton isn't because it has no room for the podiums and such) That's all I can think of right now.
  4. Well, the difference is at CH Collins you're paying an athletic conplex. At Apogee, your paying the college. And lord know how badly they'd rack up the price for DCI to host it. The DCI admins already hate CH Collins because it has no room for drum majors and pit so by then would have thrown the towel.
  5. I mean of course not everyone is a bandwagon, but withen the past year they have gained a lot of followers. I mean like I said, I love the smaller corps. SoA, OC, SC and even Troopers. But you can't tell me you haven't encountered someone with a Bluecoats shirt on and said "why?" And they had no reason why they liked them. Drum Corp to me "cymbalizes" (see what I did there) the fact of having a huge amount of band nerds in one place. Because nowadays, no one appreciates music anymore. And watching wonderful music come in different levels and sizes is wonderful to me. Especially the people making the music.
  6. I love how at the end of the video you just hear the trumpet going ham.
  7. I am a fan of a lot of lower corps, SoA being my choice.
  8. I love 1:29 in the bluecoats show
  9. To be honest, it didn't shine to me. Last year's percussion were way more rocking then this year's in my oponion.
  11. SCV had great brass man
  12. DCI Denton/DCI North Texas/Red River Thunder Review I will only be talking about corps that have shown change from years past or really lit up to me Spirit of Atlanta: They through a big curve ball at me man. I didn't expect that. It was loud. Their rips were perfectly timed and done. I believe they deserve the score they got. Phantom Regiment: They looked menacing at the beginning. It was quite intimidating. Loved the beginning, but honestly the rest was typical. I didn't see anything shout out to me. I mean, don't get me wrong it was a wonderful show. It just didn't shine to me. I also think their score was well deserved. Cadets: I loved how the show begins with a bang. It made me happy. The vocalist did a great job at the National Anthem and for their show. But, nothing will top Carolina Crown's 2012 vocalist. Also, well done mellos. Cavaliers: My new favorite corp. Oh my god. The funny and slightly inappropriate joke was perfect. The show was great, I really think they got first in general effect. It was great. Sadly, for me, I was in section BB. The section less than 8 feet from the speaker. It was also the loudest performance of the night and I have no ear drums now. Oh dear. Well done Cavies. By the way, spinning the quads on the turning things was a great idea. Bluecoats: The beginning was wonderful. But, the rest of it didn't really excite me. I think people have fallen bandwagon to the corp that they have brain washed themselves into not listening for other corps. Like I said with Phantom, don't get me wrong they were great. But, I expected more because of the hype. Now, trumpets need a breather. That is all I have to say about that. Vanguard: You deserve first place. That is for sure. I mean, the danger factor really helped with the intensity they were going for. By all means the show wasn't meant to be like Phantoms, but it had a sense of fear and danger in it. Great job on spinning on the wheel thing and not getting dizzy dude. That is talent. Well done and well deserves first place Guardians - 58.450 Seattle Cascades - 66.200 Pacific Crest - 69.250 Oregon Crusaders - 69.400 Spirit of Atlanta - 69.600 Phantom Regiment - 80.300 Blue Knights - 81.600 The Cadets - 83.050 The Cavaliers - 84.900 Bluecoats - 86.350 Santa Clara Vanguard - 87.100
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    Just thought I'd say, Boston is doing great this year. Like, for real.
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