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  1. Also a corps needs to do an exact remake of Star 93 because I’m salty I never got to see that live 😂
  2. I think corps need to start getting more abstract with their show designs. When every show is super literal or story driven it just gets cliche. I think that’s where the Bluecoats have excelled recently, especially with shows like Downside Up and Kinetic Noise. Those shows don’t have characters or stories, but they aren’t completely random either. They have meaning without having to rely on that meaning, which can’t really be said about most of the top 12 the past few years.
  3. Just saw the full run through at their rehearsal tonight and whew this show is energetic. Also dense! There's so much going on, it's wild. I love the 2005 Cadets-ish vocal drum parts
  4. Anyone know what time ensemble is for their rehearsal tonight? They’ve yet to post a whiteboard for today
  5. I was 16% accurate with last year's prediction, so hopefully this one's a little bit better 1 Blue Devils 2 Santa Clara Vanguard 3 Boston Crusaders 4 Bluecoats 5 Carolina Crown 6 The Cavaliers 7 Blue Stars 8 Cadets 9 Mandarins 10 Blue Knights 11 Crossmen 12 Phantom Regiment
  6. If you legitimately, unironically think this is true, you know nothing about music. If you were not "moved" during at least the ballad or the closer of Santa Clara's show, you have no emotions.
  7. I can't believe no corps has tapped into the wonderful music of Frank Ocean. Pretty much every one of his songs would make a beautiful ballad, my personal favorite:
  8. Is the run through at exactly 3pm? or is that when ensemble starts?
  9. This is what those props in the video remind me of
  10. Probably my Jagged Line shirt because that's the only one my disorganized self can find
  11. Wow those look real nice and fit the theme well