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    Marched, gave, and appreciated the Organizations and experience.
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    BAC, Troopers, Anaheim, BD, New fan of ...Spartans, Surf, Legends, Geaux Stahs, Southwind, Pacific Crest.
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    BAC -- 20th & 21st Centuries, BD --'76 - present.
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    a few decades ago; pre-spando, Revlon, bando-BOA/WGI, The brass wall-of-sound era.
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    Baja, Oklahoma.
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    Science, Medicine, History, Civics, Music, Astrobiology, and Sports. Veritas

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Too few CorpS to diss any..but their 'fans'  (the entitled ones)  Dear Jesus.... I respect their histories, differences and unique talents.

Those who taught, marched and volunteered, have the cred.

Change can be difficult but necessary. We had our turn; let them enjoy theirs.

Keep your egos at your HS/Uni  ponds, duckies ; these are the best of the best. This is NOT BOA or WGI.

Costume designers need to wear their 'creations' on a busy street, in front of a crowd ... of drum corps alumni.



"Perseverance, secret of all triumphs."  Victor Hugo.