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  1. When I first saw it, I thought someone was making a fake show/repertoire describing this thread! XD
  2. Traditional as in cream colored or traditional as in 2013-2016 compared to last year?
  3. When someone mentions that “rumors are flying,” or that “the drum corps community is ablaze with predictions” or any statement similar to that, where do they mostly hear it? My experience is mostly limited to DCP, and I’m curious if it’s on the internet, or primarily word-of-mouth type rumors, or if it’s something I haven’t even considered. Sometimes I feel a little out of the loop. XD
  4. Unfortunately Snapchat’s program doesn’t allow for the downloading of other’s clips, and only exists for 24 hours, so I couldn’t even try to screen record it. Should have thought faster. :(
  5. I saw it too! Couldn’t reckognize it, but it sure made me excited!!
  6. This arrangement is simply MADE for Phantom Regiment. I can almost see the jazz running closer, company front, and kick halt in my head!
  7. From what I heard... it’s based off of the Cast Away theme??
  8. While this is true, “doing more with less” is hardly an attitude of doomsday depression! I simply hope that they can reverse their trajectory of scores with whatever talent level that tries out using a strong show design that highlights the strengths of the members and musical choices. I feel as though in this era of having a million props on the field and jumping from idea to idea, less is more.
  9. Yaaay! Final audition camp means that the members of the 2018 Phantom Regiment have been decided! Brass seems to be lacking people?? Here’s hoping that they can make more with less.
  10. I think Bluecoats will be back up fighting for a medal, I don't think Vanguard will be getting a medal again unfortunately. Crown will be back up, and BD, Bloo, and Crown will be duking it out come finals for the top 3. Also, I think you throw Academy into the fight between Madison and Mandarins. Hoping for a return to finals for them!
  11. Open the roof on the dome for finals/nighttime performances? That would definitely change stuff up a little.
  12. Opener and closer of PR 2003. Nothing like Sanctus hits! (I suggest not using the finals recording, there were some intonation issues that night.)
  13. Hoping for a good comeback this year! I wonder if they’ll bring back the white uniforms or stay black? Or completely break all the traditions with a mixed guard, departure from classical-style music and costume-unis. I just hope for a show where music comes first, that has striking visual program based on a wonderful musical selection. I want to FEEL something!!
  14. BOA format is not quite random...According to the adjudication guide (available here, page 10 http://www.musicforall.org/images/PDFs/2017/Fall/Rulebook/2017_Rulebook_-_FINAL.pdf) “The top 6 scoring Bands from Semi-Finals will be assigned the last 6 Performance times in numerical order according to the Finals pre-draw that took place at Band Check-In. The next 6 will be assigned the first 6 Performance times in numerical order according to the Finals pre-draw that took place at Band Check-In.” It gives some grouping order so you wouldn’t ever have BD then 12th place. Instead, it could be BAC then BD.
  15. Blue Knights released a couple of videos in an email and on YouTube. They’re planning to be more “in your face” this year while maintaining the same beauty as before. Apparently more “bada**” specifically!
  16. I predict that Crown gets a trombone section, receives a couple of sound ordinance warnings throughout the season, and causes a minor earthquake at finals, ranking a 2.4 on the Richter scale.
  17. This would be amazing!! It could also benefit the judges by forcing them to stop and think about the actual judging process, and maybe refine it. There's an Einstein quote (I think it's Einstein) that say something to the effect "If you can't explain what you're doing to a child, you shouldn't be doing it," (I probably butchered that but hopefully the idea comes through). In the process of having to explain their process to us, it might help them become a little bit better.
  18. Any reports on the storyline (if any), aside from the general "darkness to lightness" theme? Do you guys think that the mics would work better if they were integrated more throughout the field (a la Bloo 16) instead of deafening the audience from out in front? posted from the DrumScorps app
  19. GUYS!!! It's freaking band on grass! That's all it is! Seems like a bottle of chill pills would do a lot of good here. I love passion but... Jeez. Bad vibes here. posted from the DrumScorps app
  20. Oh please oh please tell me someone has a video of that... :)
  21. The trajectory of 2008... which was unfortunately almost 10 years ago. And is refuted by your point.
  22. I was trying to help support your point that people declare that there is no hope for PR early on... The comments about lack of general ability of the show to compete were mainly based off of a recording of a show that was made almost a week before the competitions even started, which was part of your statement from earlier. Sorry if my intent got lost. I want them to "be fine" just as much as the rest of us! :)