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  1. Bummed I am missing the show this evening (its 4.2 miles away) as well as the Chester show
  2. Just got home from the show, WOW, what a great venue. Amazing shows. Not sure who is going to stop SCV they are incredible.
  3. I would agree, I was expecting a bit more from the Crossman. Mandarins WOW love the show, a bit of a struggle to get the turn table broken down and out the tunnel. Blue Devils, I like the show, percussion was on fire tonight. Cadets, show keeps getting better and better, uniforms love the contrast still not sold on the rotating boxes (think the show would be fine with out them) and not really getting the gold rope effect
  4. PERHAPS, they don't know how to judge the voice metric that's for sure
  6. I don't think anything will be on the other side its looking through the window at the future.
  7. Also like to change of position to the vocal ensemble. They are outstanding and honestly I don't think they are being judged appropriately in music. Hearing it live this evening was amazing
  8. Yeah not sure whats up with the Percussion score. Loads of talent, great writing, :maybe we need to mic the drums
  9. I really like Bloo but the show is a bit repetitive and sloppy for my taste.
  10. Missing SCV from the lineup but still will be a great show. Looking forward to it.