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  1. Agreed, let's cut him out of the activity as much as possible.
  2. Avon also has world class marchers and visual designers, drill designers etc. Note the slim margin they won said visual over two groups with vastly inferior colorguards (One of them wasn't even really a colorguard).
  3. Nope. BOA doesn't care about colorguards. You have to have a world class guard to compete in DCI.
  4. Yeah I love that show but inferno had tons of weaknesses. I remember thinking a good portion of the season this was a 5th place show. It's still amazing the life the kids breathed into it.
  5. Extremely emotional take but Crown in 2012. I understand Blue Devils had a superior color guard and percussion but boy I can't stand that show.
  6. His complaints were focused on Pitts arranging. As were most peoples.
  7. Haha seriously. His son just started marching at Crown, at the very least he'll be there for three more years.
  8. It was pretty uncalled for and in poor taste. I rather like Dan Potter so the fact that came out of his mouth was shocking to me. Not a cool thing to say but he acknowledges he made a mistake.
  9. Yeah but it was enjoyable cheese. Like fresh gouda. Voiceovers played over and over are like blue cheese left in a dumpster for 3 weeks.
  10. Lets amp this colorguard and go for the gold! Crown style!
  11. Congrats on Ott #7 Crown! Still continues to amaze me. Easily the most dominant brass section the past decade.
  12. Crown actually topped Santa Clara in GE. Still need to get that colorguard situation settled.