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  1. Brass Lover

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    Why is it troubling? They can announce it when they want. It's not like the season starts tomorrow.
  2. So winning the championship, Ott, AND Sanford isn't considered a musical success?
  3. Brass Lover

    Boston Crusaders 2018

    Santa Clara. Percussion in 2016 in 4th, just won.
  4. Brass Lover

    The future is here

    He's beyond Camp Blue Devils. More like Camp "take a shot at Crown every possible chance I get".
  5. She had the best uniform. By far.
  6. Ah yes, so their greatest enemy is Michael Gaines.
  7. Also when was the last time Blue Devils didn't win overall visual?
  8. Just pointing out a fact. I still prefer Michael Townsend guards.
  9. Brass Lover

    2018 Yard Sale Thread

    A whole freakin diner.
  10. Brass Lover

    Bluecoats 2018-LETS GO BLOO

    Congratz on that third 3rd Bloo
  11. Brass Lover

    Carolina Crown 2018

    Congrats on top 3 in Percussion Crown. Something really needs to happen with that color guard if they want to remain competitive at the top.
  12. Blue Devils still first in guard on finals.
  13. Brass Lover

    Carolina Crown 2018

    I always loved DCI for the sheer demand and the physicality it took to pull of what the top groups used to put on the field. But watching Vanguard and Bluecoats yesterday it really hit me how much technicality has taken the backside to design. Heck Cadets might be marching and playing more than anyone but like you said without that strong concept it won't get results. Here's hoping Rick Subel finds his voice in the DCI world as he seems to have struck gold in the wgi circuit.
  14. I was mainly talking about Colorguard. Devils are concerned with Bloo at this point.