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  1. There's more to a competent drum book than slamming in as many notes as possible. And the writing during their "bad years" wasn't even the biggest issue, but rather how clean the line got.
  2. I don't consider myself a Boston homer in the slightest, but there sure is a lot of insecurity about how well they'll place from certain people. They have a staff and membership that's just as good as any other of the other corps competing for a medal. Seems like certain people don't want to accept that because it means "my favorite corps" has a less likely chance of getting into that top 3. I say bring it on, let's see what everyone's got and you get what you get.
  3. I knew you'd like it! Also the same could be said reversed.
  4. Haha absolutely not. There's more of a concern for just giving these kids enough to eat than them doping up for band.
  5. Oh I agree, my point was Blue Devils use of it is very precise in my eyes, rather than the clumped pod mess I know youre thinking of. Metamorph was full of it, it's kinda hard to explain in words.
  6. Blue Devils are the only ones that do the fluttering really well. There's a very defined technique to it and actual timing to the steps. It's quite impressive to watch.
  7. Agreed, these ones are pretty good so far. Excited to see what the rest look like.
  8. Holy Crapes! I don't remember the last time a Crown show pulled me in so early, I didn't even like 2013 this soon. I can already tell this one will be one of my favorites of the year. I'm so ready for the season to begin!
  9. The cool thing I like about these is any additions/alterations can be easily made if wanted. It's also very clearly Crown when you see it. Not to mention way cleaner than the gross mess that was last years uniform.
  10. This is my struggle every year. My only prediction is nothing will change
  11. Wow I totally forgot they were going out west. This is going to be a fun summer.
  12. I think Klesch is more responsible for Crown's sound than Harloff. Go listen to Marcus High School, they have that same blend and balance that Crown has and they're arranged by Klesch. Meanwhile Avon High School has a very bright and intense kind of sound, taught by Harloff and arranged by Jay Bocook.