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    Regiment Ramblings (What If?)

    Remember that Phailing Phantom thread? Starting to look like that. Patternwise since Spartacus every winnwe other than BD has fallen out of medal contention the following year and has not won again since. I really think SCV had the pendulum momentum and they were able to top it off in 2018 with staffing and design that just happened to be remenescent of Spartacus. Really fantastic shows on SCVs part since 2014 though. Keep in mind SCV has spent some time in the bottom half of the top 12 before rising again too. SCV seems to be a lot stronger in pit percussion while phantom in brass up until recently when phantom fell. So many great brass moments in 2018...the show just wasn't there. Phantom is still Phantom and I agree that with a better design and pit writing team they could climb significantly... maybe even compete with Cavies.
  2. ThePlanets

    Relative Newbie

    So I broke down last year and bought the DCI essentials DVDs which is a nice well rounded best of collection from the 1970s to Spartacus. The problem is you know as you get into it more that you love a lot of shows that aren't part of this collection and don't like some that are but C'est la vie.
  3. ThePlanets

    2019 Show Ideas

    V for Vendetta. Some nice insturmental works by Dario Marienelli and phrases from 1812 to open. Vigilante justice with knife fights Throw in some music from Muse for an extra Anarchy feel Showcase atrocious government coverups Cry me a river by Julie London for the ballad with an etheral trumpet solo Big finish with the 1812 overture (featuring bass bones!)and blowing up government buildings. Remember remember the 5th of November. I really like this for the Cavaliers...but they might need to feature a female guard member to pull it off. No one has ever done 1812 right?
  4. ThePlanets

    2019 Show Ideas

    Does this include Stockholm Syndrome by Muse?
  5. I was watching a video of SCVs encore last night was just amazed by the baritone solos/duet. What are some of your favorite baritone solos or features all time?
  6. ThePlanets

    Build-A-Show 2018

    Entrance: Music City HM Cadets, troop Opener: the Crossmen HM Crown SOA Movement II: SCVC HM BD Ballad: Crown HM Bluecoats I am really in love with Saro but am using Bluecoats elsewhere. Closer: Bluecoats Drill: Boston with some SCV staging Exit: Boston Uniforms: Troopers The MMs Front Ensemble: SCV Drumline: tie Crown and Boston Color Guard: Mandarins HM Boston Drum Major: Troopers HM Bluecoats, PC Trumpets: Bluecoats Mellos: Cadets Baritones: Crown Tubas: Phantom Regiment
  7. ThePlanets

    2019 Predictions!

    I just ordered the WC corps since this is the WC forum I will say 5 open make semifinals and the 22+ miss. Didn't want to make a full prediction including prelims
  8. ThePlanets

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    This thread is exhausting. Any chance an OP can be updated with changes as they happen like the show announcements? Or someone can update a spreadsheet? this way everyone can BS as they please but all the announced changes are in one place?
  9. ThePlanets

    2019 Show Ideas

    How about BD doing the works of Andy Warhol? Visually starting very colorful and moving to oxidation paintings. Featuring free form jazz and compositions of Pauline Oliveros.
  10. ThePlanets

    2019 Show Ideas

    Come on KK are you saying that there shouldn't be 5 young men in the corps unable to stand on a stage and sing live music. I Want It That Way not with pre-recorded vocals. It would be a great way for Bluecoats chair props to be recycled
  11. ThePlanets

    Stealing other corps stuff...

    This is a relatively common occurrence among highschool and college ages kids. A member of one group takes something symbolic or meaningful to another group. This item is often important to the group it was taken from but does not interfere with the actual operations of the group (i.e. stealing is stealing but it wasn't like an instrument was stolen) and the individual or group of individuals taking it generally have no use for it other than to show it off as a trophy. Stealing mascots or gavels or something like this hammer has been going on for ages. Unfortunately I think it has to be explicitly written in handbooks/policy as it has been in the Cavaliers to not take stuff from other corps or there will be consenquences... because these kids clearly see it as a harmless game.
  12. ThePlanets

    Your 2018 Top 6

    Crown with so few votes. I thought their show was tenfold more enjoyable than 2017 and I liked it better than 2016 too. It also seems that a lot of people were only listing finalist corps. Given more familarity some other corps may have scored higher.
  13. ThePlanets

    Best Baritone solos or features

    Keep in mind I have seen very few full performances on film outside of the essentials collection prior to the year 2000. I have seen most top 12 performances from 2001-present. Pre 2000, while cliche, my favorite has to be SCV 89. My favorite that I have seen live is 2015 SCV. So musical, emotional, perfect. I think that the Bluecoats 01-15 have done a great job with featuring Baritones, particularly in their ballads. So in general I feel Bluecoats and SCV do the best. My fear is we might see a decline in the use of Baritone features with increasing ise of vocalists and trombones.
  14. ThePlanets

    Best Baritone solos or features

    This is definitely my favorite that I have heard live. I agree 100%
  15. ThePlanets

    Medal Count

    Who will be the next Corps to medal? All evidence points to the Boston Crusaders. Using the data you provided as well as some other pattern analysis I have 2 theories to answer "who will win gold the next 5 years" Theory one uses data since 2007 when BD is incredibly dominant and 5 other corps have each medaled 1 time with no one corps having stong enough pull to stay on top with BD. Using this theory Crown begins to fade while Boston climbs and Bluecoats fade while Cavies climb. SCV hangs in there for now but doesn't win again. 2019 BD 2020 BD 2021 Boston Crusaders 2022 BD 2023 Cavaliers Theory 2 uses data from all time and would call for a paradigm shift when another corps or 2 corps rise and compete with BD for gold consistently. This theory also takes into consideration that we have had 2 brand new gold medalist corps already this decade (there was 1 in the 80s, 2 in the 90s, 0 in the 00s)...3 new champions in 10 years would be the most since the begining. That could look something like this: 2019 BD 2020 Bluecoats 2021 SCV 2022 SCV 2023 Bluecoats Theories aside I think any of the top 3 can win gold next year and throw Crown in if they revamp their visual program and Boston should get a medal...soon.
  16. ThePlanets

    Your 2018 Top 6

    Carolina Crown Bluecoats Santa Clara Vanguard Music City Spirit of Atlanta Boston Crusaders Oregon Crusaders You asked for 7 right? HM for Genesis. Great sound, good visuals, limited props.
  17. ThePlanets

    Carolina Crown 2019

    Crown 18 was all there musically. Great arrangements AND they fixed their percussion problem. Yes they missed the Jim Ott but this is the strongest I have ever heard the top 4 in brass. Really. The issue is obviously from a visual design perspective. I don't think they have a very strong visual identity so they can really pick any style as long as it matches the music and they perform it well. I know a lot of posters here might be getting bored with it but I love when Crown plays technically complicated pieces. That's Crownbrass and it's mind-blowing and amazing. I don't have any particular ideas other than being more competitive visually without compromising outstanding musicianship. I would think that the 2017 design would have more of an effect on recruitment than missing a medal this year.
  18. ThePlanets

    Scv - a new era?

    Until proven otherwise it's BD's world and everyone else is living in it. As I have said before I would love to see a completely unpredictable top 6 or heck even 9 or 10 every year, but it's not going to happen.
  19. ThePlanets

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    My husband's biggest gripe about not just SCV but almost all shows is that no one finishes a musical thought. Performing mash ups or tiny exerpts or inpressions of a lot of pieces in 11 minutes has become pretty standard. I watched SCV online once or twice and saw them live twice this season. My first thoughts were yes this show is great from a performance level and will hopefully win but I don't get it. The first time I saw it live I thought they were really good but couldn't connect with the show. The atmosphere of seeing it live in Indy was completely different and the show sold me. What really grabs me musically is the front ensemble arrangements and the ballad. Otherwise SCV are just great live performers that draw you into the show with their energy. It's the kind of GE that you can't feel by watching or listening to a recording. Otherwise I do see your point and agree but wouldn't go as far to say it's a fail.
  20. ThePlanets

    Blue Devils 2018

    My first post in the BD thread! I know this will probably sound vague but I was watching BD at semifinals and I was really impressed by the brass chords they we're playing. They were big impact sustained notes that they were changing Dynamics with. It was probably mid-show. I thought it was a really cool effect and haven't heard anything like it. Does anyone know what the chords were?
  21. ThePlanets

    10 More Years in Indy

    Yes. Quite frankly it sucks. Yes DCI and BOA are big from the Akron/Canton area to Columbus, but I really didn't know much about it other than a little bit on ESPN growing up in the Pittsburgh area when I was age eligible to march. A Bluecoats alumni took me to my first DCI show when I was 20. The Bluecoats weren't there and I didn't know they held camps less then 2 hrs away at the time. And how long has there been DCI Pittsburgh? Oh Pittsburgh has 2 shows each featuring different corps at different times of the season. Culture isn't much different in the Youngstown/Warren/Sharon area. In fact there is some argument that less kids know about their opportunities around here. But I have 7 shows (5 WC 2 OC) within a 1.5 hour drive from me. And since I'm roughly halfway between Allentown and Indy I can choose from either of the 2 last outdoor WC shows and one of the last 2 OC outdoor shows. My area gets the royal treatment and we don't deserve it. No it's not fair at all. What about Texas and California? Both DCI hotbeds that pull a lot of talent. California is completely screwed and Texas does get everyone but it's a huge state and they get Midseason shows.
  22. BD holds 18 or 40% of all DCI titles. A title show for BD definitely doesn't stand out with relative comparison to other BD shows so what makes a standout BD show? Or which BD shows seem special to you? (This is with relative comparison to other BD shows). If BD doesn't win is it a down year for BD or just an outstanding year for another corps? Was 87-93 a down time for BD or a great time for the field? What about 05? (Only years BD hasn't medaled since 1974...and they were 3rd in the 87-93 period).
  23. ThePlanets

    A: Competitive Inertia

    The one recent and relatively consistent exception to this rule is champions who are not BD starting in the LOS era Phantom 1st to 9th Cadets 1st to 4th Crown 1st to 5th BLOO 1st to 5th Both Cadets and Phantom than rallied for a few years then faded.
  24. Finals ended less than 24 hours ago. Let's discuss what we loved about 2018 Your favorite shows? Uniforms? Ballad? Percussion feature? Whatever you like!
  25. Or at least marching over them. Bostons effect was really cool but the Cavies show was really dangerous