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  1. I think I will have a unique/unpopular answer to this question. I will also give the disclaimer that my exposure is limited before 2000. The past 10 years have really been excellent for 5th place shows and I often find my favorite or second favorite show of the year landing at 5th place. My answer is the only 5th place show that makes my top 10 all time...and I watched/listened to a few other 5th place and a few of my other all time favorites and I kept coming back to this show. 2015 Santa Clara Vanguard- the Spark of Invention- its all there interesting music and drill/visuals from start to finish and one of,IMO, the best soloists in DCI history. I am just into it from start to finish Here are some others that I absolutely love: 2017 Bluecoats Jagged Line 2014 Carolina Crown Out of This World 2005 Bluecoats Caravan
  2. It is officially the week of the start of the season! What is your favorite 5th place show? Phantom Regiment and Santa Clara Vanguard lead the back with seven finishes at 5th place each.
  3. Says fans of every corps except for the Bluecoats
  4. Makes them look like the darlings of DCI. Very nice article.
  5. Going to stay positive and say the most likely candidate for the biggest move up (greater than two spots) Music City. Well if you think about it even if they are consistent they get an automatic 3 spot boost. So I guess the real answer is an up and coming open class corps that placed below Pioneer and plans to play at quarterfinals in Indy.
  6. 1992 Crossmen won my favorite Crossmen show poll from last year FWIW. I like triple crown and mentioned but it didn't get my one vote lol.
  7. 1980 was a great year for competition. I have seen the top 4 and would love to see this show.
  8. This is a REALLY tough call as there a lot of great, easy to watch and enjoy 6th place shows. I think this show has a slight edge over the others anyway plus in honor of naming a different corps in each position as my 1st place final answer: Boston Crusaders-2017- WICKED- I honestly rolled my eyes when I read the show announcement, I read all the buzz/hype in preseason and throughout the early season, watched a terribly recorded backfield video, and I wasn't drinking the Kool-Aid. That all changed when I saw them live in Massillon. WOW. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, found myself hooting "yeah BOSTON", and was moved to tears during the ballad. Some other great 6th place finishes Suncoast Sound 1985 Madison Scouts 1996 fans dream part 2 Carolina Crown Triple Crown 2007 Bluecoats The Boxer 2008 Phantom Regiment Into the Light 2010 Santa Clara Vanguard the Devil's Staircase 2011 (yes I do really like this show) Blue Knights 2015 Because
  9. You read the title. Tell me about your favorite 6th place show. Good spot to finish most years as usually a medal is out of the question for these corps but they have the elite status of being the first corps to perform in the top 6. The beloved many-time fan favorite Madison Scouts own 6th place with EIGHT finishes.
  10. I wish I was around to experience some of these great 70s shows. The dozen or show I've seen film on are great. As for 1980 SCV- I think 1980 had the best top 4 of all time so I would imagine that while getting 7th was disappointing it was still a great show.
  11. There have been a lot of good, enjoyable 7th place shows over the years but the one that stands out to me the most is Carolina Crown-2005-Angelus Bluecoats have a lot of nice 7th place finishes as well with the best being Homefront 1945. I wanna give a shout-out to the amazing arrangement of Creep in 2011 as well. Not one of my personal favorites but 2007 Criminal shouldn't be overlooked either as it scored so high and at some points of the season they were so close to getting their first medal. VK 1987 is another great one.
  12. The countdown continues. What are some of your favorite 7th place shows? Bluecoats and Santa Clara Vanguard lead the pack with six 7th place finishes each. This is an interesting slot because a 7th place show is a great year for some corps, an average year for others, and a terrible year for the top groups. It's also the last show not in the top 6.
  13. I think this is their best concert in the park of the last 3 years. The show music is very accessible and it sounds like the brass and drumline can be competitive with the top tier this year. If this book musically is coupled with anything near their visual program from last year they should earn a medal and the top corps better watch out. Looks like they are out for blood. I had them 3rd in the prediction thread and I am sticking with that.
  14. Unlike 9th place there are a handful of 8th place shows I LOVE and one that is even in my top 10 all time shows! 1. Blue Knights- ...that one second 2014. If it wasn't for it being visually lacking it would have been 7th. Were there visuals in this show? I couldn't see through my tears. One of my all time top 10. 2. Bluecoats 2001- Latin Sketches- They were after single digit placement and haven't looked back since. 6th in brass too! 3. Phantom Regiment 1992- I know they did 1812 in the 70s too but this is the best, most powerful version of the 1812 overture I have ever heard. HM for VK 88
  15. 8 days including the day of the premier. What 8th place shows do you like best? There have been a lot of corps at the 8 spot and Phantom Regiment actually leads the pack with 5 finishes. Four other corps have 4 finishes each at 8th place including the Glassmen (RIP).
  16. I am actually pretty intrigued by this show announcement. Looks like a really cool show to look forward to
  17. Announcing their show after the Bluecoats. Interesting move. Tell me why I like these two corps the best again?
  18. Well. The Bluecoats ARE the ONLY corps to go 01-18 without disappointing me. It's bound to happen sometime (it would take a lot of effort to sell me on a Beatles or Elvis show- now Paul McCartney and Wings- that's pretty cool)
  19. I don't think I have seen any 9th place shows before the year 2000 and I can't say there are any that I LOVE even though one of my favorite corps finishes there frequently. I am hoping to be enlightened with some classic shows because this slot has been more of a good time for a bathroom break to me. Anyway here are my top 3 since the year 2000. 1. Madison Scouts 2013- Corps of Brothers. This show had a great design, and like many Madison Scouts shows, was very enjoyable and fan friendly. The execution just wasn't there...but I guess if it was it would have placed better than 9th. 2. Blue Knights- 2008- Knight Reign. This show is very BK and I found the music selections very enjoyable. 3. Blue Knights- 2011 An English Folk Song Suite- very different and unique to see English Folk songs on the field and BK did a fine job with it. The only problem was... it's English Folk music on the football field...blah. I want to throw out an HM to the 09 production of Phantom Regiment- the Red Violin. Probably the most talked about 9th place finish and foley of all time. Something that PR will never live down. I personally didn't think the show was that bad.
  20. Countdown to the beginning of the season! What are some of your favorite 9th place shows? Blue Knights own the spot with 7 appearances. Boston Crusaders are close behind with 6. Interestingly enough Carolina Crown has never placed 9th (only spot in the top 12 they have never finished) while the Cavaliers have found themselves at 9th four times.