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  1. Not at the show. Don't have Flo. It's so interesting to read completely different takes from people on the top 3.
  2. Looks like it's going to be a great day for drum corps. Let's go BLOO!
  3. Thanks for the info Terri. I would not have known to check HOF Facebook
  4. Woot woot! I won't see this show until Semifinals. I am looking forward to it!
  5. They will not be in Buffalo. They are going to Pittsburgh instead...still its the only show between Allentown and Indy for them and both cities are roughly on the way to Indy so I would imagine that they use time in the PGH area as they would in Buffalo. I am glad they are doing Pittsburgh. The next highest placing corps will be SOA. It looks like a small show and hopefully they get a good turnout. I like seeing the big names broken up a bit to help the smaller operations get some exposure.
  6. Hopefully it doesn't rain out! Does everyone have housing secured?
  7. Here they are so far- a little broad SCVs opening brass lick- so powerful and something they have done so well the past few years Eleanor Rigby All of BKs show. Crossmen entering the field and Valkyrie with the bones.
  8. Me too. I am taking my husband to Buffalo and it will be his first time in that stadium since he played there for DCI finals...we have very up close and personal seats. He likes to have his face melted off I will be at Semifinals with my mom. She likes to sit up high for visuals. Judging from YouTube and Periscope we are both in for a big treat this year.
  9. Bluecoats home show is the last (along with Lake Erie Fanfare) before finals. I'm not suggesting they skip it. It's a privilege to have that. Their band of excellence and HOF game stuff is fantastic for the whole drum corps community. I don't think missing this show is necessarily an advantage on BD's part. Yesterday-where I meant to post in the post ATL prediction thread was to open up a discussion about the extra opportunity for motivation that the Bluecoats have vs the practice time BD has. It's a moot point though an @cfirwin3 is right. This is a great year and there are only 1-2 shows in the whole top 12 that I am neutral/don't like...all of the others I am very excited to see live next week! I wasn't trying to open up the whole BD doesn't have enough shows debate (I would love for them to come to Akron though...as I am sure west coast fans would love to see the Bluecoats in California)
  10. Take into account the whole Bluecoats Band of Excellence and HOF game stuff. Not exactly a show but a nice time commitment towards the end of the season. Great visibility for drum corps as well. Also I think those touring out West should get a small break in the avg for travel (maybe a show or two). How many shows does each of these corps have left?
  11. If you are unhappy with decision making you need not feel obligated to donate. I'd be more apt to move my donation to a small corps that's making entertaining choices and providing a good learning environment to help students grow vs moving my donation to one of the big dogs.
  12. I knew someone was going to get technical. LOL. Give me a break. I hadn't had my coffee yet when I made the post! (I also meant to post in the post ATL finals thread...whoops)
  13. I agree but when we are talking in fractions for corps scoring virtually equally every variable can make a difference. If Bluecoats (or BD) were up 1-2 points then I would say sure it doesn't really matter.
  14. I am aware. Wanted to see what all the buzz was about in 2014 so I watched BD rehearse at YSU instead of going to Massillon show.
  15. FWIW Bluecoats seem a lot busier than BD. BD has Soaring Sounds, East, Pittsburgh. It is of note they are the only top group in Pittsburgh. Bluecoats have Soaring Sounds, Band of Excellence, HOF game, East, Drums along the Waterfront, and their home show in Akron. Now, with the exception of the East Coast Classic the Bluecoats are living on top of the world in basically their home territory and are going to undeniably bring the house down in Akron...so they have motivation on their side... ...but BD will be quietly working away and improving their show
  16. Not surprised. Still. I was a kid and I can admire that show in spite of the back story. 2007 Cadets was one of the most talented corps I have ever seen too.
  17. Ah right after my senior year of high school the corps I thought was the best playing my favorite piece. My favorite things.
  18. 1. BD- I think they have a 50/50 shot at gold. Obviously they have history on their side but their brass is holding them back... sometimes the hornline is ranked higher but they should be in 4th (the hornline). If BD DOES NOT win it means that times are changing. We have been in this pattern since 07. The props are kind of cool but I don't think this show is anything special. 2. Bluecoats- They have a great chance of winning it all and I think they should. They have their big HOF stuff next week and I have a sneaking suspicion that this show will be the next Inferno. 3. SCV- I have said multiple times this year that I think this is the best corps on the field. The design is a head scratcher though. It looks like they will probably be 3rd with a small chance of moving up or down. If they stay where they are at or move up it will be the best a corps (not BD) has done the year after a championship since 07 (once again a pattern shift) 4. Crown- Looks like they will probably stay here. Pretty big gap up and about a point over 5th 5. Cavaliers- They have a good chance of passing Boston down the stretch 6. Boston- I was hoping they would climb up and grab a medal but it's just not going to happen this year. Great show with an extremely talented corps. Just a great year for DCI 7. BK- I love love love this show. When performed exceptionally well it has the music book to medal any other year. They are moving a lot more than they usually do. Very tight race with BS but I am pulling for BK because I think music is the most important. 8. Blue Stars- Very cool theming and they move a lot. This is a great GE/visual show...when I read call of the Wild this isn't the music that comes to mind. Still my favorite Blue Stars show since Re:Bourne 9. Mandarins- This show is fantastic and a good run should pull them ahead of the Cadets. 10. Cadets- Fantastic Percussion that carries the whole corps. Tasteful uniforms...and.... that's it. 11. Crossmen- One of my favorite shows this year. I would love to see it do better. 12. Phantom- a somewhat comfortable lead over spirit. Phantom stays in the top 12 this year. Hopefully it's a wake up call and they make a lot of improvements next year. 13. Spirit- KNOCK KNOCK. I like neon underground. Keep up the good work- maybe next year. 14. Colts- great show and it's time they get the spot for it 15. Academy 16. PC- I thought Music City would be here but it's PC 17. Madison 18. Troop 19. Music City- brass is too good to stay behind Genesis 20. Genesis 21. Surf 22. Cascades Everyone makes semis except for Cascades Percussion SCV (no brainier) Color Guard Boston (I would really like for this to happen) Brass Crown GE Bluecoats Visual BD
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