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  1. I couldn’t agree more! They really brought the heat tonight especially considering the number of members that were sick this past week. I expect the horn line to be killer next week once everybody is feeling better.
  2. Can’t wait for the show tonight!!! I hope the academy gets a nice jump in score tonight. Anyone know who the judges are for this show?
  3. Oh my god, Academy, GREAT show last night! Nice jump in score! Can’t wait to see what the first regional brings!!!
  4. Nice job Acadrmy, last nights show was awesome!!! I love the new changes they implemented! I’m hoping for another great run tonight and a nice jump in our score.
  5. I agree, I think the 10-15 range of corps are all very strong this year and corps such as Spirit are trying really hard to make their mark. Mandarins came out strong at the beginning and have a good show, however Academy had a 3 point jump last light. I think there is no way to predict what is going to happen tonigt, but I’m certain it will be fun to watch!!!
  6. Love the changes that were made! I can definitely see this show ending up in finals. The reduction of the narrations made this show fantastic!
  7. Yes, they have addressed the narrations, and with Lindsey there this week, they have made a number of other changes. I’m expecting a great show tonight.
  8. Saw this show live, in Pittsburgh. What an outstanding show and a great start to the year!
  9. I heard Academy made a lot of changes in their time off, I am excited to see what happens tonight!!!
  10. You're not imaging things, they are twins! Jacob (unchained melody soloist) is marching BD this year, however his brother Zach is still with The Academy and does have a solo this year.
  11. Love the new changes to The Academy show!!! I think the music is more dramatic and builds nicely. I see them as definite final contenders!! Anybody else with me?