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  1. Oh sweet! I might have signed you in! (Was with Rod at sign in table!) my kid isn’t marching this summer (just recently decided) but I’ll be around to help where I can! Say hi if you see me! I hope you are able to march!
  2. You got that right! ”What Goes Around”. Song selections to come later, I assume?
  3. I gotta go with 2002 as well. other favorites: 2015, 2017 least? 2013 as well. Unpopular Opinion: 2016 was just “okay” to me. Loved Intergalactic more, tbh
  4. How did the Blue Stars, BD, and Cavies portions look? Blue stars suffered the worst. Im on the fence about buying it.
  5. It is also my understanding that the new “costumes” as you call it are possibly less expensive than traditional uniforms? I thought I read that somewhere... could be wrong.
  6. I wonder if they got the rights to it. They have had Intergalatic, but not O. LOL that screenshot, that’s my kid second to the left. I literally cried when I saw that live. He never smiled like that before.
  7. The corp fielded the largest it has seen in 2017. Objectively speaking, of all of their performances, prelims were the best, obviously. But they really got it and it just clicked for them. There were no more holes like in previous shows, which was huge (I would mention that was a glaring thing that stood out to me, to my son). Overall the corp members, staff and parents/fans are very proud of what Cascades accomplished this year. Not getting into semis did hurt, but overall they gave their heart and soul, and we couldn’t be any prouder.
  8. Yeah. That sucked. My kid is still pretty vocal on his unhappiness on that.
  9. This is my concern, how will my kid be able to hold a job down when he is in off season? He is not going to college for a few years after he graduates, so he can spend his time working for his DCI til age out in 2021. I'm fully onboard with this.
  10. We are not rich. I am a single parent. Had it not been for my father's generous support, this would not have been possible. Is it costly? Absolutely. But it is well worth it.
  11. What do you expect from someone who, a couple of pages ago, referred to today's DCI as "summer marching band for rich kids"? Hostile and rude.