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  1. Interesting article, thanks for sharing. It is unfortunate to hear of kids with severe COVID, it does happen but is extremely rare. Since the outbreak started in March in my county we are close to 3,000 cases are there has not been one severe case in youth. Since I help oversee the epidemiology operation for our health department I see the daily disposition for every positive case and virtually all kids are either totally asymptomatic or have a very mild cold. Not to say it doesn't happen, just that it is indeed extremely rare. COVID is the strangest virus... For kids the incidence of sev
  2. Yes, good points indeed. The Kawasaki syndrome is very debateable at this point, but kids bringing the virus home is a valid concern for sure. Such a tough situation.
  3. Yes but I would be interested in seeing how many of these cases are actually sick vs. asymptomatic. And of those sick, the severity of their illness. I would be willing to bet most these cases are asymptomatic or mildly ill at best. In my region there is a large outbreak in young migrant workers and virtually none of them are sick. They are all young and in decent health, they all are asymptomatic.
  4. CDC's best guess is 0.26 for infection fatality rate. It is really impossible at this point to know for sure since there is no way to know how many actual cases there are.
  5. Cases are very underreported, by a significant amount. At the onset of the outbreak only those with severe symptoms were tested due to the scarcity of tests. Many, many cases were missed. I work in public health and assure you the numbers are very inaccurate all around. The good news is the virus is much less of a threat to kids and young adults than typical influenza. Flu is much higher statistical risk to young people. It is frustrating to see so much misinformation and misunderstanding about COVID. People have been conditioned to believe the virus is a risk to kids- the data tells a
  6. Fair enough. My point about the case count is that we've made decisions that are going to have long lasting ramifications based on very shaky data. I hope the infection fatality rate is extremely low, that'd be the best scenario. I just hope the data shows this soon so we can get back to life.
  7. Someone deleted sections of my post, FYI. I made no political comments, only that many people are forming opinions and making decisions based on very, very flawed data. COVID mortality will be proven much less dangerous than you are being told. Wait and watch the actual data unfold.
  8. Yes, this (above). The data everybody is using to base their decisions on is extremely flawed. Only a tiny fraction of the actual cases are reported due to the severe lack of tests. Add to that most people being tested are ones that show fairly severe symptoms of COVID. This leads to an extreme understatement in the actual infection rate and overstatement in the true mortality rate. We count every death (most have severe underlying conditions) but only a tiny fraction of the cases. This has led to the extreme overreaction we are in now. Nobody will actually admit they were way off in the
  9. Woodwinds are definitely MUCH more finicky than brass, but would probably stand up to touring similar to synths and stringed instruments. Most intermediate-level WW would probably survive with care. The main thing is keeping them dry. They also go out of adjustment really easy and fixing leaks would be a big challenge for a horn tech all summer long. I can't see corps using actual wood instruments due to temp and humidity, they'd likely use the higher end plastic ones. Still very $$$, though- and reeds are really expensive, too. The thing that you need to consider when talking about emplo
  10. One thing I hope that gets discussed when they consider judging and adding A/I is the potential this will further the gap between the corps at the top with funds to provide professional-level, highly engineered electronic support. I see woodwinds and electronics going hand-in-hand, as woodwinds would be at the mercy of amps and audio processing to be heard in the context of DCI. Corps with deep pockets and super fancy audio rigs will have a HUGE competitive advantage over those corps just trying to scrape enough funds to get down the road. The disparity is already huge. Look at the A/E pro
  11. I have not heard ANY positive comments from anyone on the inclusion of woodwinds, including from the many young DCI-age kids I know. Even all the woodwind players I know who aspire to one day march DCI don't like the idea of ww. The only positive comments I have heard are from the few folks here on DCP who favor marching band. But... Was this not the same for electronics? Same for trombones/french horn/etc? Was there an outcry from marching members to add this stuff? Outcry from audience that we must include this extra stuff? No. If kids seemed to want this, or audiences were excited f
  12. Your story of the alto sax player is my story- exactly. But I didn't feel discriminated against, left out, or slighted at all. Drum and bugle corps were drums and brass, and I didn't play brass, I played sax. Just as there are string quartets, chamber orchestras, big bands, and bagpipe ensembles, drum and bugle corps were a unique ensemble with brass-only instrumentation. That is what it was and I never considered saxophone to belong to that ensemble just as I don't consider the electric guitar to belong in a chamber orchestra. I wanted to be in DCI BECAUSE there were no woodwinds. To me
  13. I am sad to see them go coed simply for the loss of the brotherhood and their all-male identity was unique and cool. That said, we all know males and females can both be equally great at drum corps. I predict they will likely improve over last year. I would imagine there are some very talented females who would like to be trailblazers in the first truly coed Scouts. It'd be interesting to see a breakdown of auditions in terms of how many girls attended. I'll forever miss the Mighty Men but would rather cheer on a coed Scouts than none at all. Hope it works out for them.
  14. Darn, I was going for BOTH histrionic AND sarcastic! At least give me credit at attempting both! ...Okay now maybe that was a little overly sarcastic... As long as Scouts go back to blowing down the stands then I'm sound as a pound. I truly hope it is all super awesome as DCI is reporting. Seems a little simplistic to me given the huge controversial changes but I truly hope the best for them.
  15. On second thought, you're right. The DCI reports do state that everyone just absolutely loves the new improved Scouts. All couldn't be more hunky dory apparently. The Scouts are 100% better off thanks to these awesome changes and there is no alternate point of view to these giant changes.
  16. That's not what I mean- I am just saying the change will be the focus front and center every opportunity possible. It sounds like the Scouts are fine, and I sincerely hope so. I expect to only hear one side of the story, however.
  17. I wish Scouts all the best and hope it all works out because there is no going back now. That said, I take all of DCI's reports/news etc with a grain of salt. DCI is simply doing what it always does... Takes whatever controversial change is going on and shoves it down everyones throat with stories of how wonderful the change is etc etc. We can expect it all season long.
  18. Yah, it wasn't easy back in the 90's, either. Kids now have way better access to online tutorials, lessons, audition tips, etc than we ever did. A ww kid picking up a brass instrument and immediately making BD's line is far fetched, I agree with you. But that kid certainly could go to a lower placing corps, get experience, and then eventually make BD or whatever. If/when woodwinds are added it won't be much different- a handful of talented we players will get in and the large majority cut. Sounds like your pipe dream is a large/all instruments/give everyone a chance/etc ensemble. Well, yo
  19. YES- thank you! There are a bunch of ww players in DCI now. Always have been. A great player is a great player. With hard work a talented ww player can certainly learn brass and participate. I did. Lots of other kids I know did. Would any of us rather played our woodwinds in DCI? NO WAY!! Then it wouldn't be DCI, would it? Being a woodwind player made the experience even deeper and more meaningful to me. Opened my eyes to a completely new family of instruments. After starting from scratch and going through all the work it took, I truly learned you can do anything you set your mind
  20. I agree with this statement. But, being all brass and percussion certainly makes it a different product, a unique product, and a product that is defined in the very nature of the name "drum & bugle corps." It is not a question of "better."
  21. Absolutely, to each his own. My prior message was in response to your statement implying "a few" people may find the instrumentation an important and defining factor. My counter to your statement is that it is likely many, many diehard fans/alumni/members feel the all-brass and percussion sound and visual look is THE defining characteristic of the activity.
  22. Good grief- is it so hard to understand that MANY people, young and old alike, love the all brass and percussion of drum & bugle corps. I can't think of many kids I know who are current corps members who would enjoy clarinets and flutes in the ensemble. In fact, I don't think any current members I know would welcome that change. For many, the all brass and percussion sound and clean, uniform, muscular look of the all brass horn line is what makes drum corps unique. Add woodwinds and all the other stuff and it kills it forever. Why is this so hard to grasp? Why must we become an
  23. I joined a world class corps as a saxophone player. I learned brass to be in DCI. I wouldn't have had any interest if it had woodwinds. I wanted in BECAUSE of the all brass instrumentation. There were many other woodwind players doing the same, and feeling the same. Many woodwind players love their instruments but feel the look lame on the field and are simply not the proper tool for the job. I wanted to be in DCI because it was NOT like typical marching band with "clarinets to the box" haha...