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  1. Bourbon and Coke here. Barrel strength bourbon may have been a mistake.
  2. Why does the phrase “age out” always remind me of Logan’s Run?
  3. Sorry if this has been covered, But, is there a live tunnel cam this year? I can't find it on YouTube and I enjoyed watching the emotion of kids about to run their shows for the final times ever.
  4. I know this is a crazy long shot, but I have an extra seat for the show in Eden Prairie, MN. I was going to take one of my kids, but my older one is at All-State Band camp and my younger one has colorguard practice. The life of a band parent.
  5. It was a great night at the AMC in Eden Prairie, MN. Video was crisp all night and the sound, well, I might have to bring earplugs next year. They take the "Loud" part in Big, Loud & Live very seriously. The crowd was pretty subdued, but there was a buzz with all the EPHS band kids in the audience when they showed the picture before the brief recap of the Madison Scouts and it was a tuba player that graduated in June that they all knew. The biggest bummers were the audio issues with BD that kept interrupting the flow of their show (sounded like wireless mic bleed through) and the SCV soloists being almost impossible to hear.
  6. Eden Prairie, MN with my daughter and a bunch of other members of the EPHS Marching Band trumpet section.
  7. I was thinking purely selfishly about which one of the three I would like to see (already have tickets for me and my daughter). I haven't seen Troopers at all so that would be something new. We saw both Colts and Scouts at the live show here in Minneapolis and out of those two, just based on which show I enjoyed more I would rather see Colts again. However, there are a couple of kids that came from my daughter's high school marching with Scouts so it would be fun for her to see them. Can't they just add a 16th show to the broadcast.
  8. Excuse my ignorance if this is common knowledge, but what is the general public practice attendance policy? Blue Devils are in Eden Prairie, MN later this week for a couple of days of practice and the DCI Minnesota show on Saturday night. I would love to go up the high school with my two girls who are both in the Eden Prairie HS band program to let them watch the corps practice so they can see what it takes to be the best in the world at what you do.