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  1. When I marched (till 2013) he didn't sing the corps song. In fact, he got a lot of us all riled up that year by referring to our pre-show corps song ritual as "silly."
  2. I think "early sunday edition" is different from the usual Sunday edition because the Inquirer doesn't exactly look like this...? I'm confused. This doesn't look like the newspaper I read.
  3. I honestly want to get involved because I am a woman who was a Cadet and I am currently earning my MBA. If they scrap this board of directors I wanna be the first on the new one. Dag nabit anyone know how I can do this?! Hahaha I need to get involved in some way. This is too important and too prevalent in our society.
  4. Me, I need a new job! But in all seriousness, this is a good question. This could be a really great opportunity for someone, also could be a great opportunity for the corps to experience a shift in how it does things.
  5. I didn't get such an email...? I got some silly email about doing a virtual choir thing of the corps song but not about letters of support....
  6. Not surprised at all about this. Hop drunkenly kissed me on the cheek at a fellow alum's wedding once, ew. I just hope this doesn't destroy the organization or the activity. I marched for 3 years and I practically owe my life to this activity and this organization because I gained so much from it and it was truly an amazing experience. What unfortunate publicity for an activity that so few people know about.
  7. Any update on the show happening? posted from the DrumScorps app