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  1. I’ve missed the last few weeks due to life but looks like I’m back at the right time. Go Crown 😉
  2. Well there we are. After seeing the west coast scores it’s safe to say the Allentown judges were officially “high”
  3. Academy fans about to tell you that objects in mirror are closer than they appear
  4. Is the biggest spread tonight really GE? Yea I think Crown is going to be just fine in GE 👏🏻
  5. I cannot WAIT to see this Crown show next month. Wow 🙌🏻
  6. Can someone tell me the power of Phantom this year? I know it’s probably not what it used to be but I hope it’s pretty decent this year. Just wondering because I’m taking my friend to his first ever Drum Corps show this year and Phantom is performing first at that show haha. I’ll always remember my first corps live 😭
  7. I think the guard is a tad below the level of the rest of the corps as of right now, but the new video does do them better justice than the Facebook video.
  8. The anticipation is killing me ha. Can’t wait to see this show. Hoping for another special year!
  9. I was able to head to San Antonio and see them last night and this is already my favorite Crossmen show in years. I’ve never been to a Crossmen show this early in the season and didn’t know how much of the production would be on the field. I was blown away. The members are fantastic! I really think it’s going to be a special season.
  10. SO many storylines this season but CONGRATULATIONS to SCV! So dominant. So earned. And Mandarins. Making history. And Crown! You were fantastic tonight. All I’ve heard for the past two years was that Boston would pass you. Never happened. Congrats to everyone on one of the best seasons ever!
  11. Mandarins and Troop making a jump today REALLY makes me happy!