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  1. And Blue Devils 2007. Out of the 47 years DCI has been around only 9 of those years has been won by an all-male corps.
  2. It's still raining here and there are plastic bags on the mics.
  3. I can assure you he does. Erik Kosman (formerly Bluecoats sound guy now with Boston) is running the Flo sound.
  4. As a former front ensemble member, I would have hated to wear that head gear. That said I'm digging this opening from Crossmen.
  5. The Flo mics don't move, it's on the corps where they put the speakers. They're not setting them up for Flo, they're setting them up for spread in the stadium.
  6. First few shows are never the ending you are going to see at Finals...or even midway through the season.
  7. Guy had to quit because of family issues, lines decided they liked it as it was.
  8. That's definitely a mic issue, you can hear it when they play mic'd horn parts.
  9. Have you heard 2002-2009? Quintessential characteristic brass sounds on the football field. Tone, intonation, quality of sound were untouched then. A concert brass ensemble on the field. That said glad you liked the product, I'm excited to see where they go this year!
  10. And then there's this tone deaf response: https://www.wisn.com/article/drum-and-bugle-corps-suspended-suddenly/22804842
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