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  1. That was one hell of a line you had. I can tell you that “we” we’re pretty confident “we” were the best line in DCI in ‘76-‘77. 😉 Yeah, the “shock” was due to the on-field congratulations you gave us. For sure a classy move. 👍 I can guarantee you there wasn’t any thought that you may have “jumped us”. It would have been interesting to see how it would have played out, but we’ll never know. We had proven time and time again, when the lights came on, night time was our time. 😂 Congrats on a fantastic season!
  2. Been awhile since I’ve been here, but no question from the technical to the mental side, our staff from ‘75-‘80 was top notch. Brass Arranger/Instructor....Wayne Downey, Jim Ott, Jack Meehan, Frank Dorritie Percussion Arranger/Instructors............Rick Odello, Ron Menke Marching/Drill Design..........Mel Stratton, Mike Moxley, Steve Beard Guard................................. Shirley Stratton (Dorritie), Paula Beard
  3. Has it really been 12 years since I wrote this? Where has the time went?
  4. Coming off the '74 corps successful season, there was an 'aura' that surrounded the entire organization during the winter that something special was going to happen in '75, and it did. The corps finally defeated SCV early on, which included our drum line which ended SCV'S 58 show WINNING streak. Personally, the '75 corps will always hold a special place in my heart.
  5. I have 4 as well: '76, '77, '79, and '80. Rings were not given out until '79. However, rings are offered for purchase for members for the '76, and '77 seasons.
  6. x2 Will be off to Vegas in August to see 'em live.
  7. George, Sorry for the late response...........there's been no discussion of dropping 'Livewire' from DCP's lineup. If that changes, then sure, we'll remove the forum. Thanks, Rich
  8. Thanks for the suggestion, we'll certainly 'throw it around'.
  9. From the DCP Community Guidelines: Topic Closed.
  10. That's what the "Report Post' button is for............if you see something, use it.
  11. Everyones' thoughts are appreciated. The thread has run it's course, any other threads opened involving this issue will be closed/and or removed. Topic Closed.
  12. You're "toeing the line" here, so perhaps you'll want to re-think your stance.
  13. I'll address that soon as I have time tonight, or tomorrow. Thanks.
  14. Connor, John Donovan bought Drum Corps Planet, not me. Secondly, since John bought ownership, donations from members have not part of the financial equation. Hope that helps.
  15. The thread was created for members to voice their opinions, which is being done. That said, the announcement states our stance on the matter.
  16. Discuss the closing of the Current Events Forum here. All other threads regarding this will be merged to this one.
  17. Drum Corps Planet treats its services to members, staff, administrators and fans of drum corps as a serious committment, and to this end we are continually evaluating new services and strategies to best serve the drum corps community. As of today, DCP will no longer host Off-Topic Current Event and Politics discussions. Instead, we invite our members that are interested in these types of discussions to participate in one of the many online forums that specialize in this subject matter, as most of them are far better equipped to handle the support these types of discussions require. Any reference to political, religious, world events, social issues, etc are not allowed, this includes member signatures, profiles, and avatars. New topics or posts pertaining to this subject matter (political, religious, world events, social issues, etc) that are started in any of DCP's forums will be closed and removed. This issue has been under review for several months. After careful consideration we have decided that, due largely to the time and resources involved in operating this particular type of forum, the larger Drum Corps Planet community would be better served by leaving those discussions to more specialized sites and instead concentrating more fully on the drum corps-related news, forums and other services that have made us the largest and most active independent drum corps site on the internet. Our remaining Off-Topic discussion forums will remain open, pending any changes to the time and resources required to maintain them. Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have. You can discuss the Current Events Forum Closure here. Thanks, Rich Kleinman DCP Community Administrator
  18. Color me crazy, but if ANYONE decides not to disclose "personal information", that's THEIR choice, and quite "prod' someone regarding said information is inappropriate.
  19. It was an AWESOME line for sure. You may want to review this, John (sarnia sam) and I discussed the "competition" between the two lines.
  20. Sorry, I've been gone all afternoon, hopefully I'll have a response up later.
  21. Chris, what you construe as "robots", some may construe as "direction". Here's a DCP example for you: John gives me "direction". I give the FST "direction". Direction is the foundation for "structure". I didn't realize you were privy to the behind-the-scenes activity of the staff.